Refugee healthcare workers' rights

16 December 2021

A refugee has applied for a nurse’s position in our organisation. What are their rights and which pre-employment checks are needed?

Air conditioning and the virus

15 December 2021

A trade union safety rep has raised concern over the building’s air conditioning system, stating that it could be spreading the Covid-19 virus. Is this the case and what should we be doing to reduce the risk?

Embedding Covid-19 Secure procedures

15 December 2021

My organisation wishes to develop a campaign to help embed appropriate behaviours in relation to the control of virus transmission in the workplace. What should we consider in such a campaign?

Emergency arrangements in the pandemic

15 December 2021

I have been asked to review our emergency planning arrangements in light of the current pandemic situation. Are there any changes I need to make to existing procedures?

Domestic Abuse and Clare’s Law

15 December 2021

What is Clare’s Law, why is it mentioned in the Domestic Abuse Act 2021 and is it relevant to adult social care workers?

Making shared premises Covid secure

15 December 2021

My organisation shares a property with other organisations. This property is managed by a third party on behalf of the landlord. Who is responsible for applying Covid-secure guidelines for the building?

Office lighting requirements

8 December 2021

One of our properties is to be refurbished and used for office accommodation. I have been asked to state the lighting requirements required. What do I need to consider?

Modular construction

8 December 2021

My client has asked about modular construction? Is there a general explanation?

Passenger lift maintenance best practice

8 December 2021

We have recently occupied a building that contains two passenger lifts. We intend to use an external contractor to undertake the maintenance and thorough examination of these. What can we do to ensure best practice is followed?

Missed DUIN deadline

7 December 2021

Our company missed the recent DUIN deadline and we would like to know what our options are now?