Covid-19 variants

19 January 2022

What is the Covid-19 Omicron variant and is it more dangerous than previous coronavirus variants?

Latest self-isolation rules

18 January 2022

What are the latest rules on when children can return to nursery after a positive Covid-19 test?

Volunteers and DBS checks

14 January 2022

A number of parents have volunteered to help in school, following the Government’s encouragement to get involved. Do we have to get a DBS check for every volunteer?

Kickstart scheme

12 January 2022

We want to take advantage of the Kickstart Scheme as we have heard that the Government will fully fund those aged 16–24 as “Kickstarters”. What are the details that we need to know?

Face coverings in schools

11 January 2022

A number of pupils in my school are refusing to wear face coverings in class. What should I do?

Build back beaver

11 January 2022

Will the Prime Minister’s plan to “build back beaver” bring any benefits to the economy and businesses?

Lithium battery marks

11 January 2022

I heard that there is no longer a requirement for an emergency response phone number on lithium battery marks is that correct?

Electromagnetic fields in welding

7 January 2022

My employer, as part of its work activities, undertakes welding. I have been informed that we must complete a risk assessment in relation to exposure from electromagnetic fields from this activity. Is this so?

Quantity Surveyors

7 January 2022

It has been suggested that I employ a Quantity Surveyor on my project. What do they do?