Sustainable projects

11 February 2022

I want my project to be sustainable. Is there an easy way to do it?

Ethnic minority report findings

10 February 2022

Following the recent CQC report, what progress has been made regarding concerns raised around Ethnic minority-led GP practices experiencing poorer outcomes and experience from regulation than non-ethnic minority-led practices?

Support for school uniform

8 February 2022

A family with two children at the school has suffered financially during the Covid crisis. The children are outgrowing their uniforms and their parents have asked if the school can provide some financial support to replace large items of uniform, such as blazers and outdoor PE kit. What would be appropriate support in these circumstances?

Managing a heavy workload as a Practice Manager

4 February 2022

As a practice manager, I’m finding it hard to juggle the many responsibilities, not only for myself but also my staff, especially during these trying times. How can I manage things with the ever-increasing workload?

Women’s Health Strategy

2 February 2022

What are the Government’s ambitions for Our Vision for the Women’s Health Strategy?

Return to Covid-19 Plan A

1 February 2022

Now that England is returning to Plan A, and Covid-19 restrictions are easing again, what Government advice has changed for primary care workforces?