Novel coronavirus

13 February 2020

What is coronavirus and is it a public health concern?

Legal pitfalls for the employer in the redundancy process

5 February 2020

I run a small to medium-sized business and I am faced with a need to downsize — probably making five or six employees redundant. How can I ensure that the process is fair and that I am not subsequently hauled up before an employment tribunal?

Pregnancy, maternity leave and redundancy

5 February 2020

My organisation needs to cut back on its staff. I see that one of the employees “at risk” from redundancy is away on maternity leave. Can I make her redundant? And, if so, how can I avoid any unpleasant and expensive legal consequences?

Holiday pay — calculations

29 January 2020

There has been considerable case law in recent years on what additional elements should be included in the calculation of holiday pay. Can you confirm the present position, please?