Potassium permanganate and hydrochloric acid spillage

14 March 2012

I was working in the lab, planning some work later in the day. I was checking the items needed with a list in my lab note book. In the process, I inadvertently knocked over two beakers, one of which contained solid potassium permanganate and the other, a solution of hydrochloric acid. What should I do?

DSD symbols

22 February 2012

When were the orange-yellow Dangerous Substances Directive (DSD) symbols first required in the EU? Was the 67/548/EEC DSD the first Directive that required these?

Definition of “article” in TDG

13 February 2012

The term “article” appears in many places throughout the various transport of dangerous goods (TDG) provisions, eg the 17th revised edition of the Orange Book, 3.4.2 states that: “The use of inner packagings is not necessary for the transport of articles such as aerosols or ‘receptacles, small, containing gas’”. But is there a definition anywhere in the provisions of what “article” actually means?

Provision of SDSs

1 February 2012

REACH Article 31 says “a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) shall be provided free of charge on paper or electronically…” Is it acceptable that I put my SDSs up on my website so that users can access them?

A sticky situation

25 January 2012

I was using some glue and was not wearing gloves; I have now managed to get my fingers covered in the glue. It will not wash off. What should I do?

Chloroform spillage

18 January 2012

My colleague was making a chloroform solution for use in nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy when they dropped the bottle. It fell to the floor, smashing and releasing fumes. They are now feeling unwell. What should I do?

A new IMDG marking requirement?

11 January 2012

I've heard that as from 1 January 2012, cargo transport units (CTUs) must have the Proper Shipping Name (PSN) shown in 65mm-high letters. Is this correct?