ADR “class number”

24 April 2013

Why does ADR not permit the use of the word "class" before the “class number” in the dangerous goods description in the transport document?

Waste transfer notes

17 April 2013

Does a waste transfer note always need to include a written declaration that the waste has been pre-treated?

Requirements for Hazcom 2012

9 April 2013

As an EU-based manufacturer, are my name, address and telephone number acceptable on English language CLP labels for the USA market under its new Hazcom 2012 standard (which implements GHS in the USA)?

Hazardous waste and COSHH

4 April 2013

I am aware of the need to undertake a risk assessment for hazardous substances under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH) and to put in place adequate control measures. Does the same requirement apply to hazardous waste?

Labelling of silver nitrate

27 February 2013

Should a receptacle of silver nitrate on a laboratory shelf be labelled fully in accordance with CHIP or CLP?

IMDG markings for air and sea

29 January 2013

Is a package that has been sent by sea under the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code and marked with the UN package approval mark automatically acceptable as a package for carriage by air?

Aerosol cans on an aeroplane

4 January 2013

I am an athlete and wish to carry a few cans (aerosols) of non-medical oxygen in my checked baggage on an aeroplane to help recovery after exercise. Is this permitted?

EC number confusion

21 November 2012

A supplier has used “EC No. 919-446-0” in their Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for a substance. However, I cannot find this substance when searching for it in the Classification and Labelling Inventory (CLI). Is this an incorrect EC number or am I doing something wrong?