Training of drivers/crew carrying just LQ or EQ

10 October 2013

Is it required to carry out training per ADR Chapter 1.3 (in respect of general familiarisation (, function specific ( and safety training (, prior to a vehicle driver or vehicle crew member carrying any amount of Limited Quantity (LQ) packaged dangerous goods or Excepted Quantity (EQ) packaged goods?

Some say it is but others point to Note 2 in Chapter 1.3 that says: “With regard to the training of the vehicle crew, see Chapter 8.2 instead of this section”. The words: “see Chapter 8.2 instead of this section” are new text in ADR 2013. However, in 8.2.3, which relates to drivers and crews not requiring a full ADR training certificate, it refers back to Chapter 1.3, which in turn refers the reader back to Chapter 8.2.

Does this apply to supermarket home shopping delivery drivers, and Royal Mail drivers delivering the very specific and few dangerous goods that are now allowed in the mail subject to conditions, as well as those who might be carrying a freight container loaded with 100,000 aerosols containing just flammable gas?

Does this also apply to goods delivered under Approved Derogations and Transitional Provisions (ADTP) Derogation 4?

CLP pictogram colours

25 September 2013

Is there any specific requirement for the shade of red colour and the width of the red line to form the CLP pictograms?

Revisions to the Orange Book and GHS

10 September 2013

Why is it that the recently-published revised editions of the UN Orange Book (18th edition) and Purple Book (5th edition) do not indicate where text has been revised, added or deleted?

What is a dangerous good?

4 September 2013

Are dangerous goods always dangerous goods, even when they do not have to be labelled as so or mentioned in the transport documents?

UN packaging

31 July 2013

Where can I find out about the availability of UN packages, as well as package testing and certification?

UN specification codes for sea shipments

3 July 2013

Our Freight Forwarder (FF) has said that the [sea] shipping line is asking for the UN Specification Code for some Class 2.2 goods (ie non-flammable non-toxic gases) I am shipping. The FF says the codes normally look like this: 4GV/X13/S/08/USA/+AQ2121.

What do these codes mean?

Danger labels for sea

5 June 2013

In ADR, it is clear from column 5 in the dangerous goods list which danger labels have to be applied to a package. But how do I determine which are needed for sea under the IMDG Code?

“Toxic” or “corrosive”?

21 May 2013

Over recent months I have noticed that two press releases published on the HSE website about chemical incidents have referred to the chemical involved as “toxic”, whereas the injury suffered following exposure was caused by the chemical being corrosive to tissue. Is it correct to use the term “toxic” as a general descriptor for all hazardous chemicals?

CLP pictogram sizes

8 May 2013

I have heard that the new CLP pictograms are much bigger than the old CHIP symbols. Is this true?