Questions and Answers

Overhauling fire prevention measures

21 May 2018

In the aftermath of Grenfell Tower, how should our business overhaul its fire prevention measures?

Healthy food at work

15 May 2018

We would like to support our employees’ health with better food when they are at work. What’s the best approach?

Waste Enforcement Regulations

15 May 2018

What are the implications of the new Waste Enforcement Regulations for business?

Making our business more sustainable

8 May 2018

Our business wants to be more sustainable, but how do we measure this?

Batteries as hazardous waste

8 May 2018

Are all batteries classified as hazardous waste when they are disposed of?

Duty of Care with regard to waste

8 May 2018

Recently a member of my team attended a waste training course and reported back that the Duty of Care is “a code of practice” rather than legislation. The implication was that we do not necessarily have to comply. I was under the impression that this was a statutory duty. Can you clarify please?

Checking driving licences

2 May 2018

Should we be undertaking checks on the licences of employees who drive at work? How can we do this?

Rheumatoid arthritis and manual handling

12 April 2018

We have a member of staff who undertakes a number of manual handling activities. They have been diagnosed as suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. Can they continue to undertake manual handling with such a condition?

Distance to toilets

21 March 2018

Following a refurbishment of the office premises, some employees now have to travel further to use the toilet facilities. This has caused a number of complaints. Are there any legal restrictions on how far a person has to travel to use a toilet?

Rainwater runoff

20 March 2018

During wet weather, rainwater runs off our car park into a small pond. I am concerned that the runoff might contain pollutants such as oil but as far as I can see, rainwater runoff is not covered by environmental or water legislation. Is there more that we should be doing to protect the local water environment?