Questions and Answers

Would an unwanted fridge qualify as hazardous waste?

16 May 2017

Would an unwanted fridge qualify as hazardous waste? If so, how can we dispose of it responsibly?

Digital tools and efficiency gains

16 May 2017

Should our organisation invest in more digital tools to improve productivity?

Improving sustainability

9 May 2017

How can our business improve its sustainability?

Agile working practices

2 May 2017

We want to move to more agile working practices. How do we get started?

Cybersecurity strategy

25 April 2017

How can our business take advantage of the UK’s cybersecurity strategy?

New fire doors

13 April 2017

We are replacing all of our internal fire doors as part of a major refurbishment. Are there any specific regulations I need to be aware of when having the new fire doors installed?

Reducing reliance on email

11 April 2017

How can our organisation reduce its reliance on email and improve efficiency?

New circular economy standard

4 April 2017

What kind of support to business will be offered by the new British Standard on the circular economy?

Air quality in offices

31 March 2017

As air quality in our cities continues to deteriorate, how can we ensure good air quality across our premises?

Inspection of commercial coffee machine

31 March 2017

Our workplace has a small cafeteria that includes a commercial coffee making machine that we own. Our insurer has requested a copy of the written scheme of examination for this equipment. Do we need such a document?