Questions and Answers

Lighting levels

24 March 2017

A member of staff has completed a display screen workstation checklist and has raised an issue with the lighting in the open-plan office. What solutions can I consider to resolve the issue?

Creating a security campaign

10 March 2017

Following a recent breach of security, a member of staff was assaulted. I have been asked to run a campaign to improve employee vigilance and awareness of the security measures we have adopted. Could you outline how to develop such a campaign?


28 February 2017

Do you have any recommendations for simple and effective ways to keep outdoor paved areas free of cigarette and chewing gum litter? The existing bins are being ignored by too many of our staff.

Fire wardens

24 February 2017

As part of our fire safety arrangements, we appoint fire wardens to assist in fire evacuation procedures. How do I ensure that we have sufficient staff to undertake this role and what should that role entail?

Healthy DSE use

13 February 2017

As part of a general health and safety training programme, our employees are told that they should sit correctly and take regular breaks when using computers, but not why. Could I double check why we give this advice?

Encouraging investment in health and safety

10 February 2017

I have been asked to present to our board of directors a report recommending increased funding to make improvements in our health and safety (H&S) management system. Could you outline what tactics I can utilise to make my case?

Communicating risk assessment outcomes

30 January 2017

My organisation produces various risk assessments. I am aware that we must inform employees of the outcomes of these assessments but how can we do that effectively?

Lift breakdown procedures

20 January 2017

Following a recent incident, I have been asked to review our procedures for releasing persons who may become trapped in a passenger lift if it breaks down. Could you detail what procedures we need to have in place?

Wheelchair users and fire doors

13 January 2017

Our premises has a number of self-closing fire doors on the corridors. A new employee uses a wheelchair and we are concerned that she may have difficulty opening these doors. What action could we take to resolve this issue?

Moving loads on a ramp

3 January 2017

I am carrying out a risk assessment in relation to the pushing and pulling of trolleys around our premises. Part of the work involves travelling up and down a ramp. Are there any particular issues to be taken into account and what control measures should be considered?