Questions and Answers

Extending the influence of facilities management

20 June 2017

How can we improve and extend our business’s use of facilities management?

Fly-tipping clean-up costs

13 June 2017

If criminals fly-tip waste on our premises, are we liable for the clean-up costs?

Business security measures

13 June 2017

Considering the recent terrorist attacks, what additional measures can we take to protect our premises and employees?

Lockdown procedures

7 June 2017

It has been suggested that we should be developing “lockdown” procedures as part of our emergency response procedures. Could you outline the issues to be considered when developing these?

Testing contingency plans

6 June 2017

I have drawn up a number of emergency and contingency plans for my organisation. It is necessary to test these plans but senior staff seem to be unwilling to do this, arguing that it is too disruptive. What is the legal position on testing plans?

Maintenance regime for equipment

1 June 2017

Following the failure of a piece of plant, the facilities manager and I have been tasked to review our maintenance regime. Could you outline the factors we need to consider?

Would an unwanted fridge qualify as hazardous waste?

30 May 2017

Would an unwanted fridge qualify as hazardous waste? If so, how can we dispose of it responsibly?

Digital tools and efficiency gains

16 May 2017

Should our organisation invest in more digital tools to improve productivity?

Improving sustainability

9 May 2017

How can our business improve its sustainability?

Agile working practices

2 May 2017

We want to move to more agile working practices. How do we get started?