Questions and Answers

Precautions for removal of lead paint

17 August 2017

We have a property with wooden window frames that we wish to repaint. Our FM team has suggested that the frames may be coated with lead-based paint that would need to be removed. How can we determine if there is lead-based paint and what precautions should we be taking?

Training for COSHH risk assessments

9 August 2017

It has been suggested we should be training employees to complete COSHH risk assessments. Is this the case and can we complete this training in-house?

Provision of fresh drinking water

1 August 2017

What are the options open to our business when providing fresh drinking water for our employees?

Asbestos classification

25 July 2017

We suspect that some insulating material on our site contains asbestos and are having it removed. I understand that construction and demolition waste must be consigned as hazardous waste if it contains more than 0.1% asbestos. Does this refer to the concentration of asbestos in an entire skipload of construction waste, or to the insulation material alone?

Adapting to the gig economy

25 July 2017

As the “gig economy” is accelerating, how should our business adapt to these changes?

Role of Chief Workplace Officer

18 July 2017

If we created the post of Chief Workplace Officer as the Stoddart Review suggested, does this make facilities management redundant?

Breach of fire compartmentation

13 July 2017

Following an inspection of our property, it was discovered that contractors installing new IT cabling had breached some fire compartmentation creating a risk of fire spread. What should we be doing to prevent this from occurring again?

Buying readymade first-aid kits

6 July 2017

We currently purchase “off-the-shelf” first-aid kits that contain the items suggested by the Health and Safety Executive. It has been suggested that as part of our first-aid needs assessment, we should be determining the contents required in our first-aid kits. Is that the case?

Defining a DSE user

29 June 2017

We have a member of staff who, as part of their duties, occasionally has to operate our CCTV system. They have asked to have a display screen equipment (DSE) assessment carried out for when they are operating this system as they say that they are a DSE user. Would they come under the definition of a DSE user and would we subsequently have to ensure that the requirements of the regulations are met?

Extending the influence of facilities management

20 June 2017

How can we improve and extend our business’s use of facilities management?