Questions and Answers

Distance to toilets

21 March 2018

Following a refurbishment of the office premises, some employees now have to travel further to use the toilet facilities. This has caused a number of complaints. Are there any legal restrictions on how far a person has to travel to use a toilet?

Rainwater runoff

20 March 2018

During wet weather, rainwater runs off our car park into a small pond. I am concerned that the runoff might contain pollutants such as oil but as far as I can see, rainwater runoff is not covered by environmental or water legislation. Is there more that we should be doing to protect the local water environment?

Digital tools and efficiency gains

13 March 2018

Should our organisation invest in more digital tools to improve productivity?

Managing cold stress

28 February 2018

We have a number of employees that have to work outdoors during the course of the year including winter months. Their safety representative has stated that we are exposing staff to the effects of cold stress and should be taking action to prevent this. What is cold stress and what action should we be taking?

Disposal of old smoke detectors

27 February 2018

We are planning to replace all the smoke detectors in our office building. How should we go about disposing of the old ones?

Plastic-free office

20 February 2018

What are your top tips for a plastic-free office — or at least, an office that throws away less plastic than we do at present?

Inert waste acceptance criteria

6 February 2018

We are a firm of building contractors currently engaged in a demolition project for a major corporate client. Under the current system, we segregate plasterboard, but all the other waste goes into a general skip destined for landfill. I am concerned that some of the rubble may be contaminated with oil and therefore be hazardous waste. Who is responsible for testing the waste and what tests are required?

Developing and managing an internal health and safety audit programme

25 January 2018

I have been asked to develop and manage an internal health and safety audit programme for my organisation. Could you outline the factors I need to consider to ensure the audit programme is effectively managed?

Health tracking devices and privacy

23 January 2018

Our insurance company has suggested our employees wear health tracking devices. Is our corporate wellbeing becoming too Big Brother?

Escalator signage requirements

17 January 2018

We have an escalator in our premises. Our maintenance contractor has stated that the safety signage is inadequate. What is required?