Questions and Answers

Liability and falling trees

18 October 2017

Following the recent wet and windy weather, a tree within our property fell onto the public pavement. The question has been asked as to our liability if this had caused an injury and what we should be doing in terms of best practice to prevent such incidents?

Deregulated water industry

10 October 2017

What does the new deregulated water industry mean for my organisation?

Fire manual call point covers

28 September 2017

Our fire detection and alarm system service contractor has suggested that all of our manual call points should now be fitted with a cover due to changes in legislation. Is this the case?

Provision of fire information

27 September 2017

I am aware that under fire safety legislation we must provide employees with comprehensible and relevant information on fire risks and associated risk control measures. What’s the best means of meeting this requirement?

Anchor device information

13 September 2017

We have anchorage points in the form of eyebolts that are utilised by contractors to gain access to our building façade to clean windows etc. A new contractor has stated that the necessary labels are missing on the eyebolts and that we should also provide written instructions on their use. Is this the case?

Marquee fire risk assessment

23 August 2017

My organisation intends to hire a large marquee for a summer works event. It has been suggested that we need to complete a fire risk assessment before we use the marquee. Is this the case and what should the assessment take into consideration?

Precautions for removal of lead paint

17 August 2017

We have a property with wooden window frames that we wish to repaint. Our FM team has suggested that the frames may be coated with lead-based paint that would need to be removed. How can we determine if there is lead-based paint and what precautions should we be taking?

Training for COSHH risk assessments

9 August 2017

It has been suggested we should be training employees to complete COSHH risk assessments. Is this the case and can we complete this training in-house?

Provision of fresh drinking water

1 August 2017

What are the options open to our business when providing fresh drinking water for our employees?

Asbestos classification

25 July 2017

We suspect that some insulating material on our site contains asbestos and are having it removed. I understand that construction and demolition waste must be consigned as hazardous waste if it contains more than 0.1% asbestos. Does this refer to the concentration of asbestos in an entire skipload of construction waste, or to the insulation material alone?