Illness during holiday

14 August 2019

An employee booked a holiday some months ago. Just before he went on holiday he fell ill. How should I deal with this?

Attendance — declining attendance

7 August 2019

I have an employee who has been three years with the company. During the first two years of employment with us her attendance record was good. This year, however, her record has become increasingly poor; she has been absent for over 25% of her working time. Nearly all her absences were covered by a medical certificate. She appears to suffer from a range of minor nervous disorders, bronchitis and viral infections. How should I deal with her?

Attendance — unauthorised absence

7 August 2019

One of my employees has failed to turn up for work for the last two Fridays, without providing any satisfactory explanation. He has simply stated that he felt unwell, so was unable to attend work. I have since heard from a reliable source that he was actually attending protest marches. How should I deal with this?