Organ donation opt-out

17 May 2019

The Organ Donation Act has passed into law. What changes will it introduce to the organ donation system and how will these be implemented?

Duration of statutory sick pay

16 May 2019

I have an employee who has been on long-term sickness absence, how long do I need to make statutory sickness payments for?

Disciplinary procedures — criminal offence

15 May 2019

An employee has been charged with a criminal offence and is now in custody. I no longer want him to be employed at my company. Can I go ahead and sack him or do I have to wait for the outcome of the police investigation and criminal proceedings? These may take months.

Disciplinary procedures — recording meetings

15 May 2019

One of my employees is facing a serious charge of misconduct. I understand from a reliable source that this employee intends to secretly record the proceedings of the disciplinary hearing. Surely this recording cannot be used at any subsequent tribunal hearing?

Stress v anxiety

13 May 2019

How do I tell the difference between a stressed employee and one suffering from anxiety or depression, which may become a mental health issue?