Constructive dismissal — tribunal hearings

6 June 2019

I have received notification from an employment tribunal that an employee who recently resigned from my company has brought a claim of constructive dismissal against me. What does he have to prove at the hearing?

Disposing of e-cigarette waste

4 June 2019

Many of our employees have switched from smoking to vaping. There is plenty of guidance available on the health and safety aspects, but how should we deal with waste e-cigarettes and discarded vaping equipment in a way that minimises harm to the environment? Are they recyclable?

Work experience — considerations

22 May 2019

We have received a request from one of our employees who wishes to bring their 15-year-old child to work for a two-week work experience placement. What sort of things do we, as employers, need to consider?

Working time — opt-out agreements

22 May 2019

All but one of my workforce have signed an opt-out agreement to show that they are willing to work more than 48 hours per week. The one employee who has refused has often been difficult over other matters. Can I use his refusal to sign the opt-out agreement as a reason to dismiss him?