Retirement — age discrimination?

6 November 2019

I have an employee who is 70 years old, and I feel that it is time for them to go. Can I discuss retirement with them? If I raise the question of retirement, will I leave myself open to a claim of age discrimination?

Retirement — an ageing workforce

6 November 2019

We have an ageing workforce. Can I introduce a mandatory retirement age and introduce some younger blood into the organisation?

Responsible person for fire equipment

31 October 2019

I am aware that fire safety legislation requires the responsible person to maintain fire detection and alarm systems in an efficient state, in efficient working order and in good repair. What does this mean in practice?

Bereavement leave — policies

30 October 2019

I am devising a new bereavement policy for my company. Have you a checklist of the essential points that I should include in the policy?

Philosophical belief — veganism

24 October 2019

Is veganism a protected philosophical belief? I have an employee who is very vociferous in their promotion of the vegan ethic and I have heard reports that this may be causing issues in the workplace.