Upgrading fire doors

7 March 2019

A third-party fire risk assessor has recommended that all of the fire doors within our office building are upgraded by fitting intumescent strips and smoke seals. The executive board is concerned about the cost of this. Are we legally obliged to fit such strips and seals?

The design and use of fire refuges

6 March 2019

As part of our premises’ fire evacuation strategy, we wish to utilise a refuge whereby those requiring assistance to evacuate can remain relatively safe while awaiting the necessary assistance. Are there any specific rules and regulations regarding the design and use of refuges?

Doctors and work-related stress

5 March 2019

The General Medical Council (GMC) has published its latest State of Medical Education and Practice in the UK report. What does the report say about workloads and stress in the medical profession and what are its recommendations?

New cochlear implant guidance

12 February 2019

We understand that the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) is reviewing its guidance on cochlear implants. What are the proposed changes and what will be the significance for patients?