Questions and Answers

Scottish EPR

21 February 2017

Will the new Scottish Integrated Permitting Regime be the same as the Environmental Permitting Regime in England and Wales?

Recycling decline

31 January 2017

Why are recycling rates falling in England when Wales and other European countries are doing so well?

Biomass boiler hazards

24 January 2017

We recently had a bit of drama on our street when the fire brigade was called out to a neighbour’s house. His chimney had caught fire after he started burning wood fuel in a coal fireplace. Is biomass a more hazardous fuel than coal, and what are the safety implications for businesses interested in converting to biomass heat systems?

E-cards versus Christmas cards

20 December 2016

Is it more environmentally friendly to use e-cards as opposed to ordinary Christmas cards?

City trees and air pollution

13 December 2016

First speed bumps, now trees — can you explain to me why trees in city streets have been linked to higher levels of air pollution? Does this have any implications for green walls on buildings?

Edoc and HazDoc

5 December 2016

We are considering switching to the electronic duty of care (edoc) system for our waste transfer notes. Does this cover all types of waste?

Simple guidelines to encourage recycling

29 November 2016

We are an independent fast food takeaway with a fairly high turnover of young employees. Despite my best efforts, employees are failing to segregate out waste for recycling, claiming that they are too busy and find the system confusing. Can you suggest some simple guidelines?

Making the most of smart meters

8 November 2016

Do you have some simple suggestions to help us make the most of our new smart meter?

Disposal of old smoke detectors

1 November 2016

We are planning to replace all the smoke detectors in our office building. How should we go about disposing of the old ones?

UN Sustainable Development Goals

16 October 2016

What exactly are the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? Should we be trying to include them in our corporate sustainability policy?