Questions and Answers

Electric cars

12 September 2017

Do you think it is realistic for the Government to ban new petrol and diesel cars from 2040? I see very few electric cars on the road today, and their limited range makes them unsuitable for most motorists.

Precautions for removal of lead paint

17 August 2017

We have a property with wooden window frames that we wish to repaint. Our FM team has suggested that the frames may be coated with lead-based paint that would need to be removed. How can we determine if there is lead-based paint and what precautions should we be taking?

Sustainable festivals

8 August 2017

We can’t quite summon up Glastonbury’s 1300 recycling volunteers but would like to make our local summer festival more sustainable. What are the most effective actions to take?

Medium Combustion Plant Directive

8 August 2017

We are concerned that our boilers will not meet the requirements of the Medium Combustion Plant (MCP) Directive. If we invest in new boilers this year, can we be sure that they will be compliant?

Provision of fresh drinking water

1 August 2017

What are the options open to our business when providing fresh drinking water for our employees?

Asbestos classification

25 July 2017

We suspect that some insulating material on our site contains asbestos and are having it removed. I understand that construction and demolition waste must be consigned as hazardous waste if it contains more than 0.1% asbestos. Does this refer to the concentration of asbestos in an entire skipload of construction waste, or to the insulation material alone?

Litter bins

11 July 2017

We run a cafe in the market square of a busy village which is popular with day visitors and walkers. On windy days, the pavements around the cafe become strewn with litter from the council bins. We feel partly responsible as the litter includes packaging from our takeaway food. Do you have some good suggestions to share with our local council so that we can alleviate this problem?

Bio-based plastics

20 June 2017

What is the difference between bio-based, biodegradable and compostable plastics, and how far is it possible to use these to replace conventional plastics manufactured from oil?

Fly-tipping clean-up costs

13 June 2017

If criminals fly-tip waste on our premises, are we liable for the clean-up costs?

Would an unwanted fridge qualify as hazardous waste?

30 May 2017

Would an unwanted fridge qualify as hazardous waste? If so, how can we dispose of it responsibly?