Questions and Answers

Plastic-free office

20 February 2018

What are your top tips for a plastic-free office — or at least, an office that throws away less plastic than we do at present?

Would an unwanted fridge qualify as hazardous waste?

19 February 2018

Would an unwanted fridge qualify as hazardous waste? If so, how can we dispose of it responsibly?

Inert waste acceptance criteria

6 February 2018

We are a firm of building contractors currently engaged in a demolition project for a major corporate client. Under the current system, we segregate plasterboard, but all the other waste goes into a general skip destined for landfill. I am concerned that some of the rubble may be contaminated with oil and therefore be hazardous waste. Who is responsible for testing the waste and what tests are required?

Cows and greenhouse gases

2 January 2018

Do cows really emit more greenhouse gases (GHGs) than cars?

Ocean plastics

29 December 2017

Is anything definite being done by the international community to tackle the problem of ocean plastics?

Sparkly paper

19 December 2017

At this time of year, the office recycling bin is full of sparkly gift wrap. Is it true that we shouldn’t recycle it?

Supporting mental health

15 December 2017

How can we do more to support mental health in our business?

Petrol storage tanks

12 December 2017

Our company owns a site which has been leased out for use as a petrol filling station. We would now like to redevelop this site: how can we ensure that it has been safely and legally decommissioned?

Edoc update

28 November 2017

We would like to use the electronic duty of care (edoc) system for waste transfers, but our waste management contractor is not part of this system. Why haven’t all the contractors signed up, seeing that edoc is supposed to reduce administration costs?

Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES)

22 November 2017

What is the new Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES)?