Questions and Answers

Compliance with ESOS

13 April 2018

What are the steps our business needs to take now to comply with ESOS?

Duty of Care with regard to waste

13 April 2018

Recently a member of my team attended a waste training course and reported back that the Duty of Care is “a code of practice” rather than legislation. The implication was that we do not necessarily have to comply. I was under the impression that this was a statutory duty. Can you clarify please?

WEEE take-back obligations

3 April 2018

Our business is involved in selling consumer goods, including electrical appliances, through the internet. Do we have a duty under the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations to take back end-of-life appliances from our customers, and if so can we charge for collection?

Rainwater runoff

20 March 2018

During wet weather, rainwater runs off our car park into a small pond. I am concerned that the runoff might contain pollutants such as oil but as far as I can see, rainwater runoff is not covered by environmental or water legislation. Is there more that we should be doing to protect the local water environment?

Persistent organic pollutants

15 March 2018

What are POPs and how are they relevant to hazardous waste?

Disposing of office furniture

13 March 2018

Our office building is being refurbished, with most of the office furniture being replaced. The old furniture is worn and slightly outdated, but most of it is still serviceable. What is the most realistic option for keeping it out of landfill?

Disposal of old smoke detectors

27 February 2018

We are planning to replace all the smoke detectors in our office building. How should we go about disposing of the old ones?

Plastic-free office

20 February 2018

What are your top tips for a plastic-free office — or at least, an office that throws away less plastic than we do at present?

Inert waste acceptance criteria

6 February 2018

We are a firm of building contractors currently engaged in a demolition project for a major corporate client. Under the current system, we segregate plasterboard, but all the other waste goes into a general skip destined for landfill. I am concerned that some of the rubble may be contaminated with oil and therefore be hazardous waste. Who is responsible for testing the waste and what tests are required?

Cows and greenhouse gases

2 January 2018

Do cows really emit more greenhouse gases (GHGs) than cars?