Relations with parents

22 January 2019

The father of one of our younger pupils has become very argumentative regarding his daughter’s education, specifically, refusing to support or allow any sanctions or arrangements we make in response to poor behaviour. At the last meeting, the father became very rude and was asked to leave. He now claims that he has been banned from the school and demands an apology from the school. How can we resolve this situation?

First-aid needs assessment

3 January 2019

I know that we must provide adequate and appropriate first-aid equipment as part of our first-aid arrangements but how do we determine what is adequate and appropriate?

Written warnings

2 January 2019

A member of staff had a first written warning in the autumn term of the last academic year. There have been no further instances of the behaviour that resulted in the warning. How long should this warning remain on the file?

Changes to Ofsted intervention

28 November 2018

We are expecting an Ofsted visit and preparing ourselves for a difficult judgment as our examination results are not as good as we expected or had hoped. I understand there are some changes to the way Ofsted deals with schools this year. What are the changes?

Single-sex classes

31 October 2018

Our science department has put forward a proposal for improving our students’ examination performance that involves some single-sex teaching. Is this allowed?

Writing a reference

11 September 2018

Last year, a pupil made a malicious allegation against our deputy Head, which was proved to be false and she was completely exonerated. She has told me she is applying for a new post. Will I have to disclose the allegation on her reference?