Dismissals and conduct

21 March 2019

I have an employee who has been with the company for three years whose performance has dipped markedly over the last year. They have become a liability and their behaviour is disruptive. Should I go ahead and sack them?

Dismissals and poor performance

21 March 2019

I am thinking of disciplining an employee for poor performance, which might even result in dismissal. Can you remind me of the importance of the Acas Code of Practice in such instances?

Dismissals and probation periods

21 March 2019

I have an employee on a six months’ probationary period. Their performance is poor. Can I get rid of them immediately, before the end of the probation period?

Mental health issues in young children

12 March 2019

A little boy joined our school last September in year 5. His parents have split up and, as a consequence, he moved schools.

At first he seemed to settle well, but gradually he has become more and more withdrawn and reluctant to try anything new or to join in with the other children at break times. This term has been worse and he has spent a lot of time under his table, often sobbing quietly. He responds well to the learning assistant but that has not stopped the situation getting worse. His mother says all is well at home. What should we do?