Due Diligence

13 August 2019

We are planning to join a MAT and I have been tasked to work with governors on due diligence. Where can I find some advice?

Religious discrimination — employee behaviour

17 July 2019

I have an employee who is an evangelical Christian. She is constantly seeking to convert her fellow workers to Christianity. There have been numerous complaints from the workforce. I have had a quiet word with her and advised her to desist. What do I do if she continues?

Disruptive pupil

8 July 2019

We have a pupil in year 6 whose behaviour has always been challenging in terms of refusal to cooperate or follow instructions, and the occasional bullying of other pupils. One of our teachers is now refusing to have the pupil in their class. How can we support the teacher without excluding the pupil?

Handling a complaints campaign

27 May 2019

We have a small number of parents who have made adverse comments about a particular teacher and we are concerned that the parents may work together and form some sort of campaign against the teacher. Our complaints procedure does not cover complaints from a group of parents and we think we should update the policy.

Accelerating a school year

7 May 2019

We have a parent who is pushing to have her year 4 child accelerated to the year above, who is the oldest in his year and his friends from nursery are all in the year above. We don’t feel it is in the child’s personal and educational interests to accelerate him. Must we accede to the parent’s request?