Variation to contract

19 December 2019

We have a part time member of staff who reduced her hours to two days from three days last January. The arrangement was verbal and there is no written record of the agreement to this change. The headteacher needs the teacher to return to teaching three days but the teacher does not want to do that. How can the headteacher force the teacher to return to her original contract?

Accounting for charitable donations

15 November 2019

The Headteacher and governors want to launch an appeal in the new year to refurbish the science labs. Will I have to administer the donations separately from the usual funds from parents?

Relationships education

16 October 2019

A parent of one of our younger pupils has complained that her daughter has been subject to sexual teasing and taunts from older male pupils at the bus stop. Our investigations revealed the behaviour is more common than we had thought. Where can we get advice on how to tackle this kind of behaviour?