Occupational health reports

6 August 2012

We have recently referred a member of staff for an occupational health appointment. What can we expect to see in the medical report?

Refusal to attend an occupational health appointment

6 August 2012

A member of staff has been referred for an occupational health meeting. However, she’s unwilling to attend. Can we proceed with making a decision about her fitness to return to work without this medical advice?

Procedure for suspending sick pay

23 July 2012

We believe that one of our employees is abusing the sick pay system and are considering suspending his sick pay. What do we need to do before we can take this step?

Reasons for suspending sick pay

16 July 2012

The school is revising and updating its absence management procedure. We are preparing a draft for consultation. Is it advisable to make clear in the procedure when a member of staff's sick pay can be suspended?

Dealing with the aftermath of an allegation

25 June 2012

A member of staff has been reinstated after suspension following an allegation from a pupil. The police took no action on the allegation and the school's internal proceedings did not lead to any formal action. However, he has told us that he can not face coming back into school. What are our options?

Ongoing use of fixed-term contracts

18 June 2012

A member of our staff has been employed on ongoing fixed-term contracts for three years. Can we continue to employ her on this basis?