Using a compromise agreement

5 November 2012

We are currently dealing with a difficult situation at school that may lead to a dismissal. Should we consider using a compromise agreement?

Barring teachers

15 October 2012

If a case of serious teacher misconduct is referred to the Teaching Agency, what sanction can be imposed?

Capability meetings

8 October 2012

I have to conduct a formal capability hearing with a colleague, and will be using the Department for Education’s model procedure for the first time. How should I prepare for the meeting?

Wellbeing questionnaires

24 September 2012

We would like to send out a wellbeing questionnaire to staff, to assess how well our stress management procedures are working. What issues should the questionnaire cover?

Stress management

17 September 2012

We reviewed our sickness absence records at the end of the school year and there was quite a rise in stress-related absences. What should we be doing to address this?