Equal pay claims in civil courts

24 January 2013

I understand that employees can now make equal pay claims through the civil courts. Does this raise any issues for employers?

Managing asbestos that is in a good condition

21 January 2013

We have asbestos containing materials (ACMs) in our school building, but we know where they are and that they are in good condition. What further action do we have to take?

Auditing fixed-term contracts

17 December 2012

I am doing an audit of fixed-term staff in our school. What particular issues should I be looking for?

Pregnancy-related risk assessments

10 December 2012

We are a small primary school and a member of staff has notified us she is pregnant. Do we need to carry out a risk assessment, and if so what are the likely issues we need to address?

Retakes of unitised GCSEs

19 November 2012

In light of the changes to GCSEs that came into effect in September 2012, what will happen to students who take unitised GCSEs in summer 2013 and need to retake?