Making a referral to the National College for Teaching and Leadership

16 April 2013

A teacher at our school has resigned. We accepted his resignation when we were about to arrange disciplinary proceedings against him for misconduct. Do we have to refer this case to the National College for Teaching and Leadership given that we are an independent school and the teacher resigned?

Accepting pupils as friends on social media

8 April 2013

I understand that a member of staff should not accept a pupil as a friend on social media. However, what if there is a legitimate link, such as if a family member or friend has a child at the school?

Criminal injuries compensation

17 March 2013

Apart from reduced levels of compensation, are there any other changes under the revised Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) scheme?

Barring a verbally abusive parent

11 March 2013

A member of staff at our academy has been subjected to a verbal tirade by a parent. Can we bar the parent from school premises under s.547 of the Education Act 1996?