Redundancy and pension options

1 July 2013

We are currently conducting a redundancy selection procedure and a colleague has asked the school for advice on taking an early pension. Are we able to respond and, if so, how?

Continuous service

19 June 2013

We are assessing an employee’s qualifying period of service for redundancy pay. How do we calculate continuous service?

Flexible working request procedure

12 June 2013

We recently turned down a request for flexible working from a member of staff. We met her before we made the decision and we discussed her request. We gave her the reason for not accepting her request and we are satisfied it is a genuine business reason. Her union representative says that because we did not offer an appeal, this procedural oversight could lead to a tribunal claim. Is he correct and how should we approach this?

Use of social media

30 April 2013

We want to lay down some ground rules for staff about work-related use of social media out of school hours. What can we reasonably include?