Lay-offs and short-time working — no contractual rights

20 March 2020

My business is going through a bad spell. I can’t meet the present wage bill. Can I just put the staff on short-time working until the financial and economic situation improves? There is nothing in the staff’s contract of employment about this.

Coronavirus — school closures

19 March 2020

The Government has announced the closure of schools and nurseries due to the coronavirus (COVID-19). Some of my staff will now want to be at home to look after their children. What leave entitlements are there?

Coronavirus risk

3 March 2020

What is the coronavirus and what is the risk of it becoming a significant threat in the UK?

Changes to staff roles and appropriate checks

20 February 2020

A member of our admin team has indicated she would like to change roles and work in the classroom as a Learning Assistant. Can we simply move her into the role as we have known her for four years and are happy with her work, or do we need to undertake any other checks?

Philosophical belief — veganism

15 January 2020

Is veganism a protected philosophical belief? I have an employee who is very vociferous in their promotion of the vegan ethic and I have heard reports that this may be causing issues in the workplace.

Advice on screen time

3 January 2020

We have many parents asking for advice on screen time for their children. Is there any guidance?