Acceptable contact during stress-related absence

2 September 2013

A member of staff has been off work for several weeks with stress. We feel we need to know how he is progressing but we do not want to be intrusive or cause him any extra stress. What is acceptable contact?

Sickness absence during a capability procedure

17 August 2013

We have written to invite a member of staff to a formal capability hearing after a period of informal professional support. He is now off work sick. What is the appropriate course of action for us?

Early retirement on health grounds

12 August 2013

A colleague on long-term sick leave has been granted early retirement on health grounds by Teachers’ Pensions. Do we now give him notice of dismissal?

Re-engagement orders

20 July 2013

If a tribunal makes a re-engagement order in an unfair dismissal case brought by a teacher, can the teacher be re-employed at a different school?

Checking DBS certificates online

16 July 2013

What information does the employer need to carry out an online Disclosure and Barring Service certificate check?