Whistleblowing procedure

13 December 2013

Do we need to update our whistleblowing procedures in light of the recent requirement for all protected disclosures to be in the public interest?

Acts that constitute gross misconduct

18 November 2013

We are in the process of reviewing our disciplinary procedure. Is there an official list of acts that constitute gross misconduct that we should include in it?

Right to be accompanied at a formal disciplinary hearing

11 October 2013

A colleague has been called to a disciplinary hearing and we are concerned that his chosen companion will raise irrelevant issues at the hearing. Do we have the right to refuse to allow the companion to accompany him?

Reoccupation after asbestos removal

30 September 2013

Asbestos is being removed from a building by a licensed contractor in an enclosure — when can the building be reoccupied?

Redundancy procedures and maternity leave

25 September 2013

We have two members of staff on maternity leave and we want to be sure to treat them fairly during a redundancy process. What are the important issues?