In-school counselling services

8 January 2018

A parent has contacted us regarding the availability of counselling in school. We are a small school and currently do not offer this to our pupils. Are we required to do so?

Key Stage 1 Assessment accessibility

8 January 2018

We are a very small primary school and recently admitted two children in Year 1 from abroad who have very little spoken English. The teacher is concerned about the tests in May. Do we have to enter the children?

Mobility issues

8 January 2018

We have a pupil with significant mobility issues joining our school. Our PE coordinator is concerned about the provision the school can make for the pupil, as we do not have any specialist equipment. What should we do?

Issues with neighbours

8 January 2018

A new family moved into a house on our school field boundary last year.

Since moving in, the occupants have bombarded us with complaints about the childrens’ behaviour at breaktimes, their noise, the litter on the field, etc.

We have responded by inviting the gentleman into school and meeting him face to face and by letter and of course we have spoken to the children about their behaviour and the need for us to be courteous neighbours. However, the complaints keep being repeated and it is taking up a lot of time.

What should we do to resolve the situation?

Authority to punish pupils for behaviour that occurs outside school

8 January 2018

Two of our pupils were recently caught shoplifting locally after school. They were in school uniform and easily identifiable as our pupils.

As a result, the pupils were given an internal exclusion.

One parent is complaining about the exclusion, saying that as the incident occurred outside school, it is beyond our reach and it is unfair for the pupil to have an exclusion on her school record.

Where do we stand?

Over-subscribed application for SEND pupil

8 January 2018

We are already fully subscribed for September and have just received an application for a place from a family that have only just moved into the area.

The daughter has an Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan which names our school because they live close by. The year group is already full and meeting her additional needs will put considerable strain on the class and teacher.

Can we refuse her application? There is a school in the town centre that I know does have spaces in that year group.

Monitoring absence

8 January 2018

We have a member of administrative staff who has taken a number of days’ absence during last term. We would like to continue monitoring her attendance, but would we have to start the process again at the start of the new term in September?

Admitting a disruptive pupil

8 January 2018

A family has applied for a place at our academy for a year 7 pupil for next September who already has a long history of disruptive behaviour, including multiple short-term exclusions and permanent exclusion from his first primary school. We believe the pupil would have an adverse impact in the classroom if admitted. We are not oversubscribed. Are we obliged to offer him a place?

Can we exclude a pupil with special needs?

8 January 2018

A Year 8 pupil was found to have brought a knife to school. We would normally exclude a pupil who brings a weapon to school, but the parents have argued that we cannot exclude the pupil as she has special needs with an education, health and care plan (EHC plan), citing poor behavioural control. We feel we should exclude to ensure consistency and uphold our behavioural policy.