Coronavirus — the Government’s furlough scheme

12 May 2020

I may have to lay off a significant number of my staff as a result of the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus. I understand that I can obtain financial help from the Government. Can you summarise the Government’s Coronavirus Job Retention (“Furlough”) Scheme for me?

Safeguarding pupils during remote teaching and learning

12 May 2020

Our teachers are working very hard to produce learning materials for pupils during the time we are closed. We are concerned that our pupils will be ‘on-line’, often unsupervised, for much of the day and we want to be sure they are working in a safe virtual environment. Where can we find advice and guidance?

Improving teaching performance

6 May 2020

We have a new teacher who came to us from a prestigious private school; we are a small community school, serving a very diverse range of families. The teacher is struggling to teach some of our children, claiming some are so far behind expectations that they should repeat a year etc. How can we support the teacher so that all our pupils make progress?

Ramadan and holiday entitlement

15 April 2020

A number of my employees are practising Muslims. They have complained that they consider themselves to be forced to take time off over Christmas (because we have a one week shut down) and yet they have to use up their holiday entitlement if they want to take time off over Ramadan, which lasts for a month. They believe this amounts to religious discrimination. What can we do?

COVID-19: facemasks

24 March 2020

I have been categorised as a key worker and so am still going to work each day. Should I consider wearing a facemask to protect myself from COVID-19?

Lay-offs and short-time working — contractual terms

20 March 2020

I am experiencing financial difficulties within my company. The time has come, I have now decided to cut costs, introduce short-time working to reduce the wage bill and get the business back on its feet again. All the staff have a clause in their contract of employment entitling me to lay them off work or to introduce short-time working. Is there any more that I should know?