Accounting for charitable donations

15 November 2019

The Headteacher and governors want to launch an appeal in the new year to refurbish the science labs. Will I have to administer the donations separately from the usual funds from parents?

Philosophical belief — veganism

24 October 2019

Is veganism a protected philosophical belief? I have an employee who is very vociferous in their promotion of the vegan ethic and I have heard reports that this may be causing issues in the workplace.

Relationships education

16 October 2019

A parent of one of our younger pupils has complained that her daughter has been subject to sexual teasing and taunts from older male pupils at the bus stop. Our investigations revealed the behaviour is more common than we had thought. Where can we get advice on how to tackle this kind of behaviour?

How to set executive pay

19 September 2019

Our Head has resigned, and the Board of our MAT has asked me to provide advice on how to set the salary level when recruiting for the replacement. Where can I find some guidance?