Lockdown education for vulnerable children

19 January 2021

We have been approached by a number of parents who would like to send their children to school during this lockdown period. We had very few children of key workers in school in the spring lockdown. Who is eligible to attend school at this time?

Examinations 2021

8 January 2021

Teachers are anxious about preparing students in the new year for assessment, especially in years 11 and 13 now that we are in lockdown again. How will teachers assess students who will have missed so much face to face teaching?

Exclusion appeal meetings

19 November 2020

We are about to hold an exclusion appeal meeting and the parent has asked to bring someone to the meeting. Should we agree to this?

Education for pupils self-isolating

5 November 2020

We have a number of pupils who are self-isolating. Do we have to send work home, as we get very little notice of their absence?

Behaviour during Covid restrictions

30 September 2020

As students have returned to school it has become clear that our behaviour policy needs to be updated to take account of the new and changing situation in school. Where can I find guidance?

Reassuring employees and stakeholders

20 August 2020

We have put in place appropriate measures based upon the UK Government’s Covid-19 secure guidelines. How can we assure our employees and other stakeholders that we are taking all the measures necessary?

Safeguarding during the pandemic

17 August 2020

Members of staff are concerned about what to do if a student starts to feel ill during lessons. What should they do?

Supporting test and trace

28 July 2020

We are aware that in England the test and trace service is going to be important in the overall management of Covid-19. As an employer, what would we be expected to do as part of the test and trace regime?