Natasha's Law

20 October 2021

Natasha’s Law comes into effect this month. We have held many meetings with our catering contractor and are confident we will be compliant regarding food on sale in school. Is there more we should be doing?

Peer on peer abuse in schools

14 September 2021

A parent has complained that her daughter has been abused by pupils in her class, but that the school has not considered this to be bullying and has not taken sufficient action to deal with it.

Our anti-bullying policy does not specifically mention abuse by peers. Should we amend our policy?

Visas for students

26 August 2021

A parent has requested we host a relative from Germany until Christmas. This is something we have done a few times.

Is this still possible post Brexit?

Dress codes at work

22 July 2021

The very hot weather during the summer term raised issues about appropriate work wear, with some members of staff insisting on wearing shoes and clothes that the senior team felt did not set the right example to pupils, who have to adhere to a very specific uniform code. Our staff handbook has only a very general note about “dressing appropriately”. Can we insist on a dress code that is much more specific?

Pupil exclusion meetings

16 July 2021

We have had to exclude a student from school and the governors want to meet virtually to consider the exclusion. Is that allowed?

Planning for September

16 July 2021

We are planning for September, looking at teaching groups and a catch-up curriculum among other things. Will we be able to hold assemblies and large group gatherings from September?