Improving Covid-secure behaviour

10 February 2021

We regularly review concerns raised by employees and other stakeholders in respect of the Covid-secure measures we are adopting. Most concerns relate to how individuals are behaving, ie not following the measures required. What can we do to improve behaviour?

Regular safety inspection sheets

1 February 2021

What should a transport manager do with regular safety inspection sheets when returned by maintenance providers?

Covid-19: what happens to DGSA exams?

28 January 2021

My DGSA certificate expires soon and I have some drivers whose ADR qualification expires in the coming months. Because of the Covid-19 virus I may be self-isolating, or the exams might not run, so I am worried that I won’t be able to sit my exams. What can I do?

PPE for first aiders

25 January 2021

Our workplace first aiders have requested we issue them with personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure their safety if called on to provide first aid during the pandemic. Do we have to provide such equipment?

Work vehicles and Covid measures

11 December 2020

We have employees working as pairs in a shift pattern as they have to share work vehicles. We have applied Covid secure guidelines to the use of these vehicles. As such, if one employee tests positive for Covid-19, does the other in the shift pattern have to self-isolate?

Reassuring employees and stakeholders

20 August 2020

We have put in place appropriate measures based upon the UK Government’s Covid-19 secure guidelines. How can we assure our employees and other stakeholders that we are taking all the measures necessary?

Overloaded vehicles

10 August 2020

My driver has just been pulled over by DVSA and has an overweight vehicle — what should we do?