Driver CPC and Periodic Training

3 April 2012

Although we are primarily a freight transport company, we also run a small fleet of passenger-carrying vehicles. Some of our drivers hold both LGV and PCV licences and drive both types of vehicle. Do these drivers need to take two separate courses of Periodic Training for their Driver CPC qualification, or is the completion of one course of 35 hours’ training over the 5-year period acceptable?

Agency drivers and analogue tachograph charts

28 March 2012

We sometimes have difficulties with agency drivers who refuse to leave their analogue tachograph charts with us, when they finish their assignment at the end of the week.

The agencies we use also insist that their drivers take the charts with them. We have offered to give them photocopies of the charts but many of them insist on keeping the original charts. We are not happy with this as we have had instances, in the past, when charts have never been returned to us. Are we in our rights to keep the charts, providing we give copies to the agencies?