Driver training

6 December 2023

What are the legal requirements surrounding driver training, including dangerous goods movements?

What is the actual range of battery electric vehicles?

20 November 2023

We are considering purchasing battery electric vehicles (BEVs) but are worried about their ability to do the day’s work required in view of reports that suggest the advertised range is unlikely to be achieved. How can we plan our operations in the absence of a definite figure?

Direct Vision Standard

3 November 2023

I have been told that TfL is introducing tougher DVS and safety permit rules. What exactly is DVS and what will the changes mean to me as the operator of HGVs in the capital?

DVLA medical questionnaires

27 October 2023

Do doctors have to sign off patients’ DVLA medical questionnaires that have been completed by other healthcare professionals?

Antifreeze alternatives

23 October 2023

Since antifreeze is environmentally hazardous — are there any alternatives?