Questions and Answers

Financial standing

6 December 2018

As an operator, must I be able to demonstrate that I meet the financial standing requirement all the time? Isn’t the whole idea that I spend the money to maintain my vehicles?

Brake testing

8 October 2018

How often should my vehicles have brake tests?

Driver eyesight — must we notify DVLA of changes?

4 September 2018

As a vocational driver, do I have to tell the DVLA that I’ve started wearing glasses or contact lenses?

Drivers’ hours infringement letters

14 August 2018

Am I complying with my responsibility to monitor drivers’ hours if I give my drivers infringement letters generated by my tachograph analysis software — which I have them sign?

Proposal to amend the EU Driver Training Directive

7 August 2018

I understand that some changes are being proposed to the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (DCPC) requirements. Is this likely to have any significant impact on UK hauliers?

Clean Air Zones

17 July 2018

We have been reading reports of charges being introduced for goods vehicles operating in several areas that we deliver to. How is this likely to affect our business?

Transport of packaging materials contaminated with dangerous goods residues

17 July 2018

How, under the transport of dangerous goods rules, can I transport used packaging materials containing residues of dangerous goods in order to dispose of, recycle, or recover them?

Recording breaks in moving vehicles

19 June 2018

Am I allowed to record a “break” under the EC Drivers’ Hours Regulations when I am travelling as a passenger in a moving commercial vehicle?

Emissions cheating

22 May 2018

We have read of action being taken by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) against operators found to be cheating on exhaust emission rules. What are they doing that makes them liable to DVSA action — and is there a possibility that an innocent operator could be caught up in this?

Ramadan and holiday entitlement

11 May 2018

A number of my employees are practising Muslims. They have complained that they consider themselves to be forced to take time off over Christmas (because we have a one week shut down) and yet they have to use up their holiday entitlement if they want to take time off over Ramadan, which lasts for a month. They believe this amounts to religious discrimination. What can we do?