Including the Incoterm on an invoice

9 May 2012

We are having an argument internally within the company as to whether our export invoices should have the Incoterm included in the information and also whether our Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) of Sale should have reference to the Incoterms ® Rules. What is your view?

Incoterm FCA Sellers Premises

9 May 2012

We have a customer in Hungary, with whom we deal on an FCA Seller’s Premises basis. Here is part of an e-mail we have just received from our customer: “All rights, title and interest in components delivered to XXXXX shall remain with Supplier until such components are delivered at factory. For absolute clarity and confirmation Incoterms remain unchanged. Freight cost responsibility remains as per current terms. Duty/Tax remains as is, under current term.”

What is your take on this proposal? It makes no sense to me — I don’t see how Incoterms can be FCA Seller’s Premise when we retain title right up until delivery.

WTO Dispute Settlement

9 May 2012

I was reading about disputes between the EU and the USA as to whether either were guilty of giving illegal subsidies to its civil aircraft manufacturers (EU to Airbus and USA to Boeing). What is the current situation?

Shipping flammable adhesives by air

2 May 2012

I have some adhesives (UN1133 PG II) which have been supplied in a 5 litre receptacle, and I have been asked to send this by air. The Safety Data Sheet (SDS) gives various International Air Transport Association (IATA) data in section 14, but would shipping by air be possible in this instance?

Changes to Intrastat deadlines

29 February 2012

Is it true that HMRC is planning to bring forward the due date deadline for submitting Intrastat data?