Shipping flammable adhesives by air

2 May 2012

I have some adhesives (UN1133 PG II) which have been supplied in a 5 litre receptacle, and I have been asked to send this by air. The Safety Data Sheet (SDS) gives various International Air Transport Association (IATA) data in section 14, but would shipping by air be possible in this instance?

Changes to Intrastat deadlines

29 February 2012

Is it true that HMRC is planning to bring forward the due date deadline for submitting Intrastat data?

How to classify textile apparel

29 February 2012

We import clothing and we are always having arguments in the import department, and occasionally with freight forwarders, about the classification numbers used. Although we apply to HMRC for BTI Rulings, do you know of any guidelines available? How does someone new to the business know that garments have to be sexed, male or female, and it all depends on the type of fastening (of course, if the fastening is unisex, eg a zip, you must classify the goods as female!). These pearls of wisdom have been handed down to me over the years but it seems a bit “hit and miss”.

Duty on UK sales to Channel Islands

8 February 2012

We are currently changing our freight providers and have been advised by the new company that duty is applicable on goods being shipped from the mainland to the Channel Islands over the value of £250. Please could you advise us on this?

Export licensing compliance

8 February 2012

Some of our export products are subject to Export Licensing regulations. We have a good compliance record and have had regular compliance visits from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), which have not caused us a problem. We have a copy of Compliance Visits Explained, which is 21 pages of A4 and gives a thorough explanation of the way compliance visits work and what they contain. An acquaintance told me he had seen a new document from BIS called Pre-visit Questionnaire for export control compliance visits. Can you tell me what this document contains that is not in the original Compliance Visits Explained?

Changes to GSP

8 February 2012

I have heard some talk about changes in respect of GSP. Is there something that we need to look out for?