IPR approval renewal

18 September 2012

We have just received a letter from HMRC about our application to renew the Inward Processing Relief (IPR) approval we have held for over eight years. It has declined to renew it and says that IPR, as we are only holding the goods without doing any work on them, is not applicable as it is not supposed to cover storage, and has suggested we apply to become a Customs Warehouse. We challenged our officer on this, with whom we have always had a good relationship, and he said that it isn’t a change of UK policy as IPR has never really been applicable to our business, it is just that, previously, UK customs didn’t enforce it in that way. Customs Warehousing may provide a solution, but it appears to involve a lot more work than we have done before. Is there a way we could use IPR?

EC certificates of origin

18 September 2012

We are exporting goods to India and they have asked for an EC Certificate of Origin within the terms of the letter of credit. We are not the manufacturer of the goods: they were made in the USA. Can we say they are of UK origin as we store the goods, repackage and relabel them? If we have to state US origin, how do we issue an EC Certificate of Origin if the goods do not originate in the EC?

Legalisation of a contract

18 September 2012

A customer in Saudi Arabia has asked for our contract to be legalised. What does this mean?

Embargoes and sanctions

18 September 2012

Can you let me have a good source of information on UK/EU embargoed and sanctioned countries?

Exporting via another Member State

18 September 2012

We export goods to Brazil from Felixstowe, via Hamburg, where they are transhipped from a feeder to a deep sea vessel. Should the Felixstowe to Hamburg stage of the shipment be reported under Intrastat?

Fully regulated packages

15 August 2012

What is meant by “fully regulated packages” of dangerous goods in relation to the transport of dangerous goods by road?

ASEAN common market

7 August 2012

I read somewhere that the Southeast Nations are meeting to begin discussions on the formation of a common market similar to the European Union. Can you advise which countries are part of this club?

Export licences

7 August 2012

I read a couple of your Q&As in last month’s edition of the Trade International Digest with interest. About 5% of our business is specially designing products for military use overseas. We think we’re pretty good at identifying these items and technology transfers and use an Open General Export Licence (OGEL) when applicable and a Standard Individual Export Licence (SIEL) when not. We were told by our Customs adviser that we don’t need to worry about shipping goods into the EU as we have a free circulation agreement so export licences aren’t required, and yet you were advising someone on how to make a customs declaration when export-licensable goods are shipped to another Member State of the EU. We have been audited by the Export Control Organisation (ECO) three times and this has never been questioned. Help please!

Certificate of Shipment

7 August 2012

I wonder if you could assist me with the following please? A UK customer is consolidating a container with her goods and our goods for export to Morocco (customer only wants one set of paperwork to keep costs down). She is preparing all documents, packing list, delivery note, bills of lading, etc so she will be classed as the shipper of all products within the container. However, she wants us to invoice the customer directly (so they will end up with two separate invoices from two companies, so I am not sure how this works at the other end for clearing purposes). I have raised an internal query as I am concerned that we would have no proof of export for the goods and I know that if we invoice a country outside UK and do not charge VAT I must have a proof of export. Can you please confirm this, and any other problems you think this scenario will uncover as my sales manager thinks I’m a troublemaker.