Submitting your Intrastat SD on time

7 November 2012

I have always believed that if you had a reasonable excuse for having failed to submit you Intrastat SD (supplementary declaration) on time, then Customs would not penalise you. I’m now told that, except for some very strict “events”, there is no such thing as a “reasonable excuse”. Is that correct?

Choosing a rate of exchange

7 November 2012

Our US parent company insists that we use a rate of exchange that they give us for all imports into the UK and purchases from another EC country for converting into sterling for VAT purposes. Is this okay?

Use of CIF Incoterm

7 November 2012

I’ve always used the Incoterm CIF for our arrivals from the EU because the terms of the transaction are cost of goods, plus insurance and freight, paid to the port of arrival. I’m now told that I should have been using CIP, because the goods were not brought by sea.

Food quality schemes

31 October 2012

Are there any new tools to help support food quality schemes?

Re-exporting military product out of the EU

19 September 2012

We have sourced a military product in the USA which we will incorporate into a defence product which we are exporting from the UK to a destination outside the EC. The USA supplier of the military part (which comes under ITAR) has obtained a US Re-Export licence to cover the movement from the UK and subsequent resale to our customer’s country. I am assuming that this US Government approval is all we need but our forwarder has suggested we may also need to obtain UK approval in the form of an export licence. Is this right?

Damaged airfreight

19 September 2012

We buy under CPT UK Airport (Incoterms® 2010 Rules) and have recently had a problem with a damaged shipment. The goods were badly damaged during loading or unloading at the airport (a forklift truck appears to have run over one of the boxes and crashed into another). Our supplier is being very unhelpful, saying it is our problem and demanding their money. We are trying to establish where the damage took place: what difference would it make to our claim on the seller if the damage was done at the airport of loading or unloading?

Incorrect use of GSP Certificates

19 September 2012

Please could you advise on the rules surrounding GSP Certificates? Are we responsible if India sends these to us and they shouldn't be doing so? Also, is it true that the EU is going to remove India from GSP next year?

Loss of goods shipped on ATA Carnet

19 September 2012

Our company uses the ATA Carnet procedure to send out demonstration kit with our engineers when they travel overseas. Despite our standard instructions, one of our guys left the goods and carnet with a customer who now says they can’t find the goods, though they say they still have the carnet. What can we do as we know that if the carnet vouchers aren’t stamped at re-export we could forfeit our guarantee for the duties and taxes as well as potentially being fined.