Temporary imports into Colombia

28 November 2012

Could you provide a summary on the possible requirements for temporary imports going into Colombia? We have been told our goods will attract a 400% import duty.

Stamping the GSP Form A “issued retrospectively”

28 November 2012

I have been advised by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) that under the Generalised System of Preferences (GSP) procedures the Form A must always be stamped “issued retrospectively”, even if it is issued just days after the vessel sails, which will be weeks before it arrives in the UK. I must say I thought a GSP, providing it related to the imported goods and was available at point of import, did not have to be stamped “issued retrospectively”. What is your opinion?

Declaring goods “not subject to export control”

28 November 2012

We manufacture systems mainly for the printing industry. For our main products the HS Tariff Code is 84439990. I currently have an HMRC export review being undertaken and one of the questions raised by the reviewing officer concerns how the goods were declared by the freight agents to them. Our goods are declared as "NOT SUBJECT TO EXPORT CONTROL". I have been asked to provide evidence to support this, such as a rating from the Export Control organisation of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), to support these declarations. I have used the BIS Goods Checker and cannot find any requirement for our goods to have any licences. This is of course provided I have typed the correct descriptors, but I thought that, provided you have checked, you can "self-certify", ie self-assess. Is there anything else I would need to do or provide?

Declaring value for returned goods

28 November 2012

I am after some reassurance from you, if possible. We are getting kick back from our usual freight company regarding the values we show on our shipper’s letter of instruction (SLI) for inward processing relief (IPR) exports. As the goods are chargeable repairs being sent back, we are adding the repair value and the value of the goods together on the SLI (they are separated on the invoice). The freight company is now stating that we are doing this incorrectly and only the value of the goods needs to be entered on the National Export System (NES). I am now wondering if I misunderstood what needs to be done and was hoping you could confirm which is the correct value for the NES. Can you help clarify this, please?

Warehouse transfers

28 November 2012

We are looking into the possibilities of renting a warehouse to store our stock in Norway for ease of distribution, but have a couple of queries which I am hoping you can answer. We have previously despatched goods direct from our warehouse in the UK to the end-user in Norway, and supplied a commercial invoice for each sale. However, the new process will be a transfer of goods into our warehouse in Norway, which will then be distributed to the end user throughout the season. Will a commercial invoice be required for each transfer into the warehouse, for export customs purposes? What would Norway expect us to do for internal despatches?

Carrying butane fuel

20 November 2012

I normally don’t carry dangerous goods but have been asked by a good customer to carry some butane fuel for campers to France. The journey will be by “transit” van (ie the vehicle will be under 3.5 tonnes) by road and ro-ro ferry. What issues do I have to address?

Shipping a single item in multiple consignments

7 November 2012

We dispatch a series of consignments over several months to a German company. Each consignment forms part of a packing machine and the parts are assembled together to make the finished machine. Should we report each consignment as it occurs?

Commodity code queries

7 November 2012

We supply fuel to aircraft registered in a variety of other EU Member States at a number of UK airports. Should we use the appropriate commodity code from chapter 27 in the ICN, eg 2710 19 21 for jet fuel?