PPE for first aiders

25 January 2021

Our workplace first aiders have requested we issue them with personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure their safety if called on to provide first aid during the pandemic. Do we have to provide such equipment?

Covid-19 vaccine

22 January 2021

What is the latest on the priority groups strategy and roll-out plan for Covid-19 vaccination in the UK?

Changes to VAT rules after the end of the transition period — exports

12 November 2020

We make distance sales of low-value clothing to individuals within the EU. All goods are shipped from the UK and they are not currently required to be registered in any other member state for distance selling. How will we be affected by changes to VAT rules after the end of the transition period?

Changes to VAT rules after the end of the transition period — imports

12 November 2020

We are a French VAT registered business selling kitchen utensils across the EU, including to the UK from France. All sales are made via an online e-commerce platform. We currently submit a UK VAT return as our sales into the UK from France are currently above the UK distance selling threshold. How will we be affected by changes to VAT rules after the end of the transition period?

VAT and import and re-export customs declarations after the end of transition

5 November 2020

Our customers in the EU ship their products to us for some special treatment in the UK. After the treatment, the goods are returned to the customers in the EU. How should we proceed next year when the UK leaves the Customs Union of the EU We do not want to pay customs duty (we have checked the commodity code in the UK Global Tariff and most of the products will have a 3% customs duty on arriving into the UK) and as we never purchase/own the goods we believe paying and off-setting VAT would not be possible. Would not owning the goods mean our customers would have to sort out UK customs issues and costs?

Postponed VAT Accounting in 2021

29 October 2020

Do I have to register to use Postponed VAT Accounting next year and will this apply only to arrivals from the EU?

Problems with continuing to use ExWorks for EU exports in 2021

29 October 2020

We ship globally under ExWorks terms and have never had any issues, yet we are being advised that to use ExWorks for our EU deliveries next year isn’t appropriate and we should look to change the Incoterms Rule we trade under. As we have no problems shipping ExWorks to countries such as Brazil, USA, Russia, China, why can’t we carry on using it for the EU?

Customs clearance at Calais

14 October 2020

We would like our Dutch established entity to clear goods into France and then us deliver them to whichever country the final customer was located in. We did think this was possible, but some freight providers have said that goods must be cleared in the country of the EU entity in question (eg we could only clear goods in the Netherlands). Do you have any guidance on this?

Wooden pallets coming to the UK from the EU

14 October 2020

After end of transition, what are the requirements for wooden pallets coming into the UK from the EU? What are phytosanitary measures between the UK and EU?