I have applied for AEO C but should I apply for AEO S?

23 November 2018

We have recently applied for Authorised Economic Operator for the customs simplifications (AEO C) badge, but now a third-party company has advised that we should also apply for AEO S for supply chain security.

The reasons given by the third party are below. Is it really worth us applying for AEO S?

“AEO S accreditation is the accreditation that enables ‘fast-tracking’ goods through customs control and the AEO C accreditation is the accreditation that enables the operation of customs reliefs such as Customs Warehousing, Inward Processing, etc.”

New to exporting — help with VAT and thresholds

9 November 2018

We are predominantly a small “local” company and probably 99% of our business is in the UK. Because we have a website, however, we have found that we have been supplying all sorts of places. We sell a niche product made in France that we get orders for from as far afield as the USA. We have recently invested in a new IT system which comes with an integrated website (under development) and when this is live we will potentially be able to do more foreign sales.

We have been making sure we get the VAT right but have only recently become aware of the National Export System (NES) and Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF). I couldn’t find anything about thresholds so it seems as though, if you send goods beyond the EC, you have to use them. Currently, we send parcels off by UPS using Parcel2Go.com and all the documentation is taken care of through this process. Is this enough or should we be doing things differently?

What is Returned Goods Relief?

5 November 2018

One of our customers has asked us to “look at Returned Goods Relief (RGR) for goods exported from the UK that we want to bring back to the Republic of Ireland”. Is there some special arrangement between the UK and the Republic of Ireland?

Issues with the commodity code for cafetieres

25 October 2018

We have just started importing cafetieres and have had a problem with Customs about the commodity code number we used. As the article is mainly glass we coded it under Chapter 7013 “Glassware of a kind used for table or kitchen”, but we have been told that it should be coded under aluminium as the plunging device is made of this material. Is it worth arguing the case?

Establishing the nationality of employees under the EAR and ITAR

12 October 2018

My question relates to establishing the nationality of employees under the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). If the employee does not possess a passport, what is the acceptable method to establish nationality? Could the individual’s birth certificate be used instead?

Import licence needed for steel bars imported from India — is this mandatory?

12 October 2018

We have a shipment of steel bars that has arrived in the UK from India. This is a regular shipment as we bring the bars into the UK 4–5 times a year. We have been told by our freight agent that this time we need an import licence and that we will have to pay an extra 25% customs duty — unfortunately, we haven’t noticed anything about this and we do need the goods. I just wanted to see if there was anything we could do to avoid these new requirements?

What are ASTM standards?

8 October 2018

We are working on a project that requires detailed information on the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards, grades, tolerances, etc. Are you able to point me in the right direction?

Importing coconut milk from Indonesia – GSP Form A query

14 September 2018

We have imported coconut milk from Indonesia into the UK using GSP Form A which allows us preferential duty rate. The GSP Form A has been submitted to customs so we no longer have the original, but we do have copies. We have now re-exported five pallets of coconut milk to Norway, which is outside the EU. The customer in Norway says that it can gain preferential duty rates if we are able to produce a new GSP Form A in the UK stating the goods were originally from Indonesia and we are shipping to Norway. Is this possible?

Reselling shoes purchased from China to the US – import duties

14 September 2018

When we resell to the United States shoes purchased from China having paid all relevant duties, will the US customs authorities require payment of additional duties from those companies who are importing them from us?

At the moment there are no duties payable by customers in the US for goods which have a value of less than $800.