Minimum wage records

28 November 2023

Do employees have the right of access to their minimum wage records?

An employee has asked to see their minimum wage records, but they're tricky to access. Do I have to let them do this?

Winter procedures

28 November 2023

What procedures should we follow in the event of having to close our provision due to adverse weather or snow this winter?

Adverse weather school closures

24 November 2023

We were able to keep our school open during the recent bad weather, but a number of our neighbouring schools closed due to flooding. Governors need to make the criteria, process and arrangements for closure due to adverse weather conditions as clear as possible for staff and parents. Where can we find guidance?

Agency workers covering during strike action

21 November 2023

Can agency workers be used to cover for striking workers?

A large number of my employees are in a union. Our relationship with the union is fine, but we have been coming up against them in this year’s pay negotiations. Things are starting to get quite tense and there is even talk about potential industrial action.

We are not in a position to argue with the union; we cannot afford what they demand. If the employees do strike, can we use temporary workers to plug staffing gaps or do we have to wait it out?

PPE on construction sites

21 November 2023

Should our managing director be wearing PPE when visiting our construction site? He refuses to wear a hard hat.