Trading goods under the EU-Canada FTA

13 August 2020

We are trying to understand the rules that apply to our goods under the EU-Canada FTA so we can supply our customers with EUR1 Forms. Can we assume that the qualification rules listed in Notice 828 for our goods apply to the Canadian agreement?

Customs declaration of residue in Isotanks

30 July 2020

We have related companies in the EU that purchase chemicals from the UK which are shipped in Isotanks. When these are empty, they are returned to the UK supplier. We also receive chemicals from the EU and we return the tanks once used. Do we have to declare any residue in the tank on an import declaration?

First aid for suspected coronavirus

24 July 2020

A member of staff who is trained in first aid has asked whether or not they are expected to assist someone if they fall ill with symptoms of Covid-19. What is the position on this?