Posting Declarations for transport to Europe

30 March 2022

What are the rules for making a Posting Declaration to transport goods into Europe and what information needs to be provided to create an account on the EU portal?

Plastic Packaging Tax

29 March 2022

I’m concerned that my business will be liable for the new plastic tax as we use a lot of plastic packaging. What can I do to prepare for this and in particular, how can I find out whether the plastic we use contains any recycled material?

Covid Plan B dropped

21 January 2022

Now that Plan B has been dropped, what Covid-19 restrictions will be in place instead and are people still required to self-isolate?

Air conditioning and the virus

15 December 2021

A trade union safety rep has raised concern over the building’s air conditioning system, stating that it could be spreading the Covid-19 virus. Is this the case and what should we be doing to reduce the risk?

Documentation required for returnable packaging

23 November 2021

A customer of ours, a German company, has been advised that from 1 October 2021, the only documentation required for returnable packaging will be an Export Accompanying Document (EAD) and an import document as they actually own the packaging. Is this correct and is there no need for a T1?

Managing VAT payments under a duty deferment account

23 November 2021

My companies import from many overseas markets, including the EU Member States, and our finance team handle import VAT under the postponed VAT accounting (PVA) scheme. We issue instructions to freight agents and clearing agents requesting them to enter the duty against our duty deferment account (DDA) and to put the VAT to PVA. However, 40% of our imports still have the agent declaring VAT to the deferment account, meaning we need two different systems for accounting for import VAT. Can we reject an incorrect import entry and get the agent to amend the VAT payment to PVA?

Closing a T1 document

16 November 2021

Is it possible to close a T1 document without physically attending a customs office on arrival in the UK?

UK Trader Scheme and selling goods to Northern Ireland

16 November 2021

Last year we applied to the UK Trader Scheme for our goods to be declared “not at risk” when trading with Northern Ireland. Our goods come from China and we mainly sell in Great Britain but also to Northern Ireland. We understand that our customers pay an extra 6% duty on the goods coming into Northern Ireland after we have already paid 6% on goods from China coming into UK. Could you explain how the process works?

Correcting declaration errors to HMRC

9 November 2021

I have identified errors in export declarations made on behalf of our company, which have values either over or under declared to HMRC. How do I contact HMRC to correct these entries and what is the correct procedure?