Export code numbers

22 April 2021

What is the difference between a commodity code number, tariff number, HS Code, Tariff Heading and CN?

REX number

22 April 2021

If we are importing goods that are of Polish or French manufacture and we want to claim preference so that they are duty free into the UK and the goods are valued at over 6000 euros, then does the EU manufacturer have to have a REX number?

Bank holidays — forcing staff to take annual leave

21 April 2021

My staff do not have the entitlement to leave on bank holidays written into their contracts.  This year I wish the business to close for a week over a bank holiday period.  How should I go about this?

Long Term Supplier Declarations and preference rules of origin

15 April 2021

Customers in the EU are asking for Long Term Supplier Declarations to confirm our goods meet the preference rules of origin. We are currently stating on our invoices that the goods are of UK origin and that they qualify as UK preferential origin. Do we need to supply a LTSD as well?

Risks to and from unvaccinated staff

18 March 2021

We are encouraging all our employees to have the Covid-19 vaccination. If an employee declines the vaccination and we become aware of this are we obliged to assess whether they are safe to continue working?