Questions and Answers

Creating engaging workspaces

17 December 2018

We are in the process of planning our new office refurbishment. How can we use design to create engaging spaces for our workers?

Supporting flexible working

11 December 2018

We can see that the way people want to work is changing. How should we support flexible working, contingent employees and those that want to start their own businesses?

Using ladders for in-house maintenance

6 December 2018

We have an in-house team that carries out a number of limited, small-scale repairs and maintenance functions. These include minor repairs of the roof. It has been suggested that we should not be using ladders for such work. Is this the case?

Cycling to work

3 December 2018

Many of our employees have expressed an interest in cycling to work. How can we fully support this need?

Mould and damp from flooding

29 November 2018

One of our properties suffered from a flooded basement and ground floor in the recent extreme weather conditions. This has now been reoccupied but an employee has expressed concern that the building still has signs of mould and that this is a health problem. Is this a risk and what can we do about it?

Disposal of sand

20 November 2018

One of our processes involves using ultra high-pressure water and sand. The cake sand that is left, which is non-hazardous, is currently sent to landfill. A local farmer would like to use the cake sand around his farm, for filling holes, compacting floors in cattle sheds, providing grip on slippery surfaces, etc. If we were to send the sand to the farmer, would it still be considered as waste, and if so, what controls would need to be put in place?

Definition of controlled waste

20 November 2018

What exactly is controlled waste? Does this categorisation affect commercial waste producers or is it just a matter for local authorities?

Energy Performance Certificates

20 November 2018

Who needs an Energy Performance Certificate?

Digital tools and efficiency gains

15 November 2018

Should our organisation invest in more digital tools to improve productivity?

COSHH and waste categories

13 November 2018

I am currently drawing up a Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) assessment for our workplace. Which categories of waste are regarded as “hazardous to health” for the purposes of COSHH? Is it just those wastes that require a hazardous waste consignment note?