Questions and Answers

Fire safety policies

5 February 2019

Our business needs to overhaul its fire safety and prevention policies. What are the key components to ensure full compliance?

Improving lighting across our estate

29 January 2019

We know that the lighting across our estate needs improving. How can we ensure that the lighting we choose is efficient and beneficial?

Controlling legionella in unused building

16 January 2019

One of our properties is to be temporarily mothballed. I have been asked whether or not we are required to continue with the current legionella risk control measures while the building is mothballed. What is the situation on this?

Supporting mental health at work

9 January 2019

With the 2018 Budget including more support for mental health, how can our business improve mental health across our workforce?

Making use of business apps

4 January 2019

We want to take more advantage of how we use apps across our business. What are our options?

Ebola: is it safe to send employees to Africa?

21 December 2018

Our organisation has a number of employees who have to travel to Africa for work purposes. With the current Ebola outbreak is it safe to send employees to Africa and what advice should we be giving them?

Creating engaging workspaces

17 December 2018

We are in the process of planning our new office refurbishment. How can we use design to create engaging spaces for our workers?

Supporting flexible working

11 December 2018

We can see that the way people want to work is changing. How should we support flexible working, contingent employees and those that want to start their own businesses?

Using ladders for in-house maintenance

6 December 2018

We have an in-house team that carries out a number of limited, small-scale repairs and maintenance functions. These include minor repairs of the roof. It has been suggested that we should not be using ladders for such work. Is this the case?

Cycling to work

3 December 2018

Many of our employees have expressed an interest in cycling to work. How can we fully support this need?