Disposal of old smoke detectors

11 July 2019

We are planning to replace all the smoke detectors in our office building. How should we go about disposing of the old ones?

WEEE obligations

2 July 2019

At our site we have a skip for waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). Most of the items are printers and photocopiers. During a waste audit we discovered that the contractors have classified this waste as “metal” and are using the EWC code 20 01 40. The waste does not go to a specialised WEEE site. Are we likely to be in breach of the WEEE Regulations with this arrangement?

Also, we sell some of our printers to the Republic of Ireland. We buy them from a manufacturer and do not rebrand them at all. Do we have any obligations as producers or distributors under the WEEE Regulations?

Visual alarm devices

28 May 2019

An external fire risk assessor has recommended that we install “visual alarm devices” (VADs) in an area of our premises due to high noise levels. We already have “sounder beacon devices” in place. Do we have to fit VADs?

Sick building syndrome

20 May 2019

A small group of employees believe that they are suffering from Sick Building Syndrome and they want us to take steps to address the issue. First, how can we be sure that it is not just hay fever or a similar allergy and, second, what changes can we make to improve the workplace environment?

The requirement for sensible footwear

8 May 2019

As part of our approach to prevent slipping accidents at work, we ask employees to wear sensible footwear. A trade union safety representative has said that if we do this, we must, as the employer, pay for the footwear. Is this the case?

Checking fire sprinkler systems

9 April 2019

Our property has a fire sprinkler system installed. A recent fire safety inspection has raised the question of what weekly checks are required and competency to undertake such checking. What is the legal position on this?

Overhauling company IT

25 March 2019

We would like to overhaul how our company approaches its IT. How can we make better use of the infrastructure library and service management components?

The design and use of fire refuges

6 March 2019

As part of our premises’ fire evacuation strategy, we wish to utilise a refuge whereby those requiring assistance to evacuate can remain relatively safe while awaiting the necessary assistance. Are there any specific rules and regulations regarding the design and use of refuges?

Fire safety policies

5 February 2019

Our business needs to overhaul its fire safety and prevention policies. What are the key components to ensure full compliance?

Improving lighting across our estate

29 January 2019

We know that the lighting across our estate needs improving. How can we ensure that the lighting we choose is efficient and beneficial?