25 October 2021

Is it really a good idea to use anaerobic digestate and other biowastes as fertilisers? What safeguards are in place to protect human and animal health from the hazardous chemicals that are sometimes found in waste?

Sparkly paper

25 October 2021

As we approach Christmas, the office recycling bin will soon be full of sparkly gift wrap. Is it true that we shouldn’t recycle it?

Provision of fire information

20 October 2021

I am aware that under fire safety legislation we must provide employees with comprehensible and relevant information on fire risks and associated risk control measures. What’s the best means of meeting this requirement?

Combined sewer overflow

11 October 2021

Why are water companies still allowed to discharge untreated sewage into our rivers and coastal waters?

Plastic Packaging Tax

27 September 2021

I’m concerned that my business will be liable for the new plastic tax, as we use a lot of plastic packaging. What can I do to prepare for this and in particular, how can I find out whether the plastic we use contains any recycled material?


21 September 2021

What is blockchain and how is it relevant to sustainability?

Transport net zero

10 September 2021

How does the Government plan to achieve net zero in the transport sector?


31 August 2021

What is a gigafactory and why do we need one?