Checks when re-opening premises

10 June 2020

Some of our properties have been closed for the past three months. What checks should we be undertaking before opening them again?

Choosing a carbon offsetting scheme

8 June 2020

I have been concerned about recent press reports that some carbon offsetting schemes are not being properly monitored and are unlikely to be achieving the claimed carbon dioxide reductions. How can I find a reputable offsetting scheme?

Burning non-hazardous waste

26 May 2020

Is it acceptable to burn non-hazardous waste during the current coronavirus lockdown? At present we have a skeleton staff looking after our premises and they have generated quite a lot of green waste from grounds maintenance, as well as some DIY waste from indoors. We have noticed a lot of bonfires in peoples’ gardens lately and wondered whether businesses could do likewise.

Recycling decline

11 May 2020

Why are recycling rates falling in England when Wales and other European countries are doing so well?

City trees and air pollution

7 May 2020

Can you explain why trees in city streets have been linked to higher levels of air pollution? Does this have any implications for green walls on buildings?

Responsibility for fly-tipping waste

1 May 2020

Since our pub was closed for the lockdown the outside courtyard area has been used to fly-tip all kinds of waste, including food waste. Am I responsible for organising the disposal of this, and if so where can I take it, as the local tip is closed?