Recent changes to WEEE classification

15 October 2019

We have recently heard that various types of WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) have been reclassified as hazardous waste. Can you explain which kinds of appliances are covered, and whether we need a separate waste storage area for these?

Working outside in the dark

30 September 2019

Staff members sometimes have to work outdoors during the hours of darkness. A number have complained that it is too dark and that under health and safety legislation we should be providing adequate lighting. Does such legislation apply to outdoor lighting?

Disposing of old phones and technology

17 September 2019

As a Recycle Week challenge, we will be asking employees to search their homes for old mobile phones and bring them in for recycling. How can we overcome people’s tendency to hoard their old tech?

EU workers and Brexit

13 September 2019

In the event of the UK leaving the EU, what can employers do to support and keep staff who are EU citizens?

Reviewing legionella assessment

27 August 2019

We had a legionella risk assessment completed two years ago by a competent third party. A safety representative has stated that she wishes this to be reviewed as required by the Approved Code of Practice but our contractor has said this is not necessary. Could you clarify the situation?

Reusable cups

27 August 2019

Each year we host a conference in our office building. As we do not have large scale catering facilities, we have always relied on disposable cups and glasses for this event. Do you have any practical advice on switching to a more sustainable model, which could be achieved without too much extra cost?

Asbestos survey strategy

19 August 2019

I have been asked to develop a strategy for compliance with asbestos legislative requirements across our property portfolio in relation to surveying. Could you outline the approach to developing a strategy and how I can prioritise the necessary actions in a large portfolio?

The environmental impact of printing and copying

12 August 2019

Our office waste audit has revealed the large number of inkjet cartridges that get thrown away every month. I am wary of buying recycled ones as we have tried them in the past and found them to be of inferior quality. Do you have any better suggestions on how to reduce the environmental impact of printing and copying?