Reducing paper waste at work

9 July 2014

I know a paperless office is impossible, but how can I reduce the amount of paper used and destroyed in our business?

Sports pitch discharge

17 December 2013

We would like to improve the existing drainage system at our sports ground. This improvement would include the extending of the soakaway, and possibly fitting a pump to remove excess water into the adjacent culvert to speed up the action of the drains. Can you tell me what licences or permits we would need? Also, how do we find out whether this is a nitrogen-sensitive area? We have been using a nitrogen-based fertiliser on the pitch.

Server virtualisation

28 October 2013

Can server virtualisation really offer efficiency gains and cost savings?

Donating old office furniture for reuse? WARPit!

28 October 2013

Our office premises are undergoing a major refurbishment with much of the furniture being replaced. We would like to donate the old furniture for reuse; are there any issues of legal liability that need to be taken into account?

Hazardous waste consignment notes for specific waste streams

28 October 2013

Our company is a mobile service, servicing and repairing office equipment at our clients’ premises. The engineers have two waste streams: rags used to clean the equipment, which are contaminated by solvents, and aerosol cans. The cans are sent back to headquarters where we depressurise and empty them, using our own equipment. Do we need to complete hazardous waste consignment notes for either of these waste streams?