Duty of Care with regard to waste

8 May 2018

Recently a member of my team attended a waste training course and reported back that the Duty of Care is “a code of practice” rather than legislation. The implication was that we do not necessarily have to comply. I was under the impression that this was a statutory duty. Can you clarify please?

WEEE take-back obligations

3 April 2018

Our business is involved in selling consumer goods, including electrical appliances, through the internet. Do we have a duty under the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations to take back end-of-life appliances from our customers, and if so can we charge for collection?

Rainwater runoff

20 March 2018

During wet weather, rainwater runs off our car park into a small pond. I am concerned that the runoff might contain pollutants such as oil but as far as I can see, rainwater runoff is not covered by environmental or water legislation. Is there more that we should be doing to protect the local water environment?

Competence and competency

9 November 2015

I am reviewing our health and safety training requirements and have noted that both the word “competence” and “competency” are being used in various HSE documents. Is there a difference between the two?

Skin protection for employees from ethnic backgrounds

22 June 2015

We have employees from diverse ethnic backgrounds that work outdoors. As part of a “sun safe” campaign I want to provide them with some basic advice about when to protect their skin from the sun. Could you outline how I could do this?

Necessary adjustments to lighting for older workers

25 March 2015

An employee who can be described as an “older worker” has complained about the lighting in the office, stating that it is reducing his work capabilities, and has requested that we assess this and make the necessary adjustments. Are we obliged to do this?

Server virtualisation

28 October 2013

Can server virtualisation really offer efficiency gains and cost savings?