TCFD Mandate

20 May 2022

What is the TCFD Mandate, and which businesses does it apply to?

Plastic Packaging Tax

29 March 2022

I’m concerned that my business will be liable for the new plastic tax as we use a lot of plastic packaging. What can I do to prepare for this and in particular, how can I find out whether the plastic we use contains any recycled material?

Solvent legislation

4 March 2022

We are thinking about investing in a new printing process which uses organic solvents. We are aware of our duties to minimise workplace exposure to chemicals under the COSHH Regulations, but are unsure which environmental regulations apply, if any. We are based in England.

Food waste reporting

18 February 2022

Is it true that hospitality businesses will soon have to submit reports on their food waste? Where should we look for guidance on this?

Covid Plan B dropped

21 January 2022

Now that Plan B has been dropped, what Covid-19 restrictions will be in place instead and are people still required to self-isolate?

Build back beaver

11 January 2022

Will the Prime Minister’s plan to “build back beaver” bring any benefits to the economy and businesses?

Santa’s delivery

20 December 2021

Could Santa improve on the sustainability of his logistics model?

Precautions for removal of lead paint

17 December 2021

We have a property with wooden window frames that we wish to repaint. Our facilities management team has suggested that the frames may be coated with lead-based paint that would need to be removed. How can we determine if there is lead-based paint and what precautions should we be taking?

Air conditioning and the virus

15 December 2021

A trade union safety rep has raised concern over the building’s air conditioning system, stating that it could be spreading the Covid-19 virus. Is this the case and what should we be doing to reduce the risk?