Asbestos survey strategy

19 August 2019

I have been asked to develop a strategy for compliance with asbestos legislative requirements across our property portfolio in relation to surveying. Could you outline the approach to developing a strategy and how I can prioritise the necessary actions in a large portfolio?

The environmental impact of printing and copying

12 August 2019

Our office waste audit has revealed the large number of inkjet cartridges that get thrown away every month. I am wary of buying recycled ones as we have tried them in the past and found them to be of inferior quality. Do you have any better suggestions on how to reduce the environmental impact of printing and copying?

Preparing a sustainability report

30 July 2019

I have recently been asked to prepare a short sustainability report for our site. We are an office-based business with limited impacts on the environment. Can you give some basic guidelines to get me started?

Selling surplus energy from solar panels

23 July 2019

We had been thinking of installing solar panels on all our warehouses, and selling any surplus energy back to the grid. Will this still guarantee an income now that the Feed-in Tariff scheme has come to an end?

Disposal of old smoke detectors

11 July 2019

We are planning to replace all the smoke detectors in our office building. How should we go about disposing of the old ones?

Disposing of office furniture

11 July 2019

Our office building is being refurbished, with most of the office furniture being replaced. The old furniture is worn and slightly outdated, but most of it is still serviceable. What is the most realistic option for keeping it out of landfill?

WEEE obligations

2 July 2019

At our site we have a skip for waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). Most of the items are printers and photocopiers. During a waste audit we discovered that the contractors have classified this waste as “metal” and are using the EWC code 20 01 40. The waste does not go to a specialised WEEE site. Are we likely to be in breach of the WEEE Regulations with this arrangement?

Also, we sell some of our printers to the Republic of Ireland. We buy them from a manufacturer and do not rebrand them at all. Do we have any obligations as producers or distributors under the WEEE Regulations?

Old paint pots — hazardous waste?

25 June 2019

I am concerned that old paint pots and tins containing a small amount of hazardous residue are being placed in our non-hazardous waste skip. The manager responsible argues that, because the amounts of residue are so small in relation to the total quantity of waste in the skip, they are bound to fall below the threshold concentrations for hazardous waste. Please can you advise.