Hand sanitisers as hazardous waste

7 November 2023

We bought large quantities of hand sanitiser during the Covid-19 pandemic for the use of our customers. Much of this has now reached its expiry date and we would like to dispose of it. Is it true that it must be consigned as hazardous waste?

Safe footpaths in winter

31 October 2023

Our company occupies a large site with numerous footpaths and traffic routes. I am concerned that if winter does get worse, many of these routes will become dangerous through ice or snowfall. What should we do to prevent any possible incidents?

Single-use plastic ban

17 August 2023

Is it true that disposable plastic plates, cups and cutlery will soon be banned in the UK?

Avoiding greenwashing

11 July 2023

Greenwashing has been in the news recently. As an environmentally conscious firm, what are we allowed to say about our products?