Biodiversity net gain

23 April 2019

How will construction businesses be affected by the new requirement for biodiversity net gain?

Contaminated surface water

19 March 2019

Would we have to pay extra to the water company if contaminated surface water is discharged to the mains sewer along with our trade effluent?

Inherited LEV system with no documentation

18 March 2019

Our organisation has taken over another company that has a workshop with a local exhaust ventilation system (LEV). No documentation can be found relating to its use and maintenance. What should we be doing in this situation?

Diesel vehicles on site

26 February 2019

We are a construction business with large cranes and other plant standing at our depot. We are already following health and safety guidance such as the bunding of oil storage tanks. Are there any other environmental regulations we need to be aware of?

Extended Producer Responsibility

12 February 2019

How will the new proposals for Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) affect businesses which supply and use packaging?

Feed-in Tariffs scheme

15 January 2019

Q: Is it too late to take advantage of the Feed-in Tariffs (FIT) scheme?

Cycling to work

3 December 2018

Many of our employees have expressed an interest in cycling to work. How can we fully support this need?