Questions and Answers

Waste ink and toner cartridges

12 June 2018

Are used toner and ink cartridges counted as waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)?

Asbestos disposal legislation

5 June 2018

Some waste asbestos recently came to light at our premises and we have arranged for a firm of waste contractors to remove it. Are there any additional safety or environmental regulations that apply to asbestos disposal, alongside the requirement to register as a waste carrier?

Emissions cheating

22 May 2018

We have read of action being taken by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) against operators found to be cheating on exhaust emission rules. What are they doing that makes them liable to DVSA action — and is there a possibility that an innocent operator could be caught up in this?

Transport of packaging materials contaminated with dangerous goods residues

22 May 2018

How, under the transport of dangerous goods rules, can I transport used packaging materials containing residues of dangerous goods in order to dispose of, recycle, or recover them?

UK and EU hazard codes

22 May 2018

Why are domestic registered dangerous goods tankers and bulk vehicles required to display an Emergency Action Code (EAC), rather than the continental Hazard Identification Number (HIN)?

LPG cylinders on site

22 May 2018

We store LPG cylinders on site, and we need to know what to do in the event of a gas leak. Please can you advise?

Waste Enforcement Regulations

15 May 2018

What are the implications of the new Waste Enforcement Regulations for business?

Batteries as hazardous waste

8 May 2018

Are all batteries classified as hazardous waste when they are disposed of?

Duty of Care with regard to waste

8 May 2018

Recently a member of my team attended a waste training course and reported back that the Duty of Care is “a code of practice” rather than legislation. The implication was that we do not necessarily have to comply. I was under the impression that this was a statutory duty. Can you clarify please?

Making our business more sustainable

8 May 2018

Our business wants to be more sustainable, but how do we measure this?