Single-use plastic ban

19 November 2021

Is it true that disposable plastic plates, cups and cutlery will soon be banned in the UK?

Running first-aid training in-house

10 November 2021

We provide our first aid at work qualified employees with annual refresher training. The question has arisen as to whether this can be provided by an experienced in-house first aid qualified employee?

Promoting good mental health

3 November 2021

Following a review, my employer wishes to improve our current practices in relation to mental health issues at work. I have been asked to provide a brief on how we can improve the promotion of mental health issues. Could you advise me on what we could do?

Oral health EYFS requirements

22 September 2021

The safeguarding and welfare requirements in the new EYFS now include oral health. How should we cover this in our nursery?

Covid-19 contingency framework

22 September 2021

Do we need to write a new Covid-19 outbreak management plan in case protective measures need to be reintroduced in our nursery?

Covid-19 outbreak

15 September 2021

What is deemed an “outbreak” of Covid-19 within my setting and when should we take action?