Prioritising places

4 March 2022

We still have a lot of staff absence due to Covid-19 and we need to limit child attendance. How do we prioritise early years places for children at our nursery?

Covid cases

28 February 2022

Do we still need to report any Covid-19 cases at our nursery to Ofsted?

Physical contact

28 February 2022

Do we need a separate policy on managing physical contact at our nursery?

Reducing the risk of choking

31 January 2022

We recognise that choking during mealtimes is a significant risk in an early years setting. How should we guard against the risks and keep our children as safe as possible?


28 January 2022

How should we approach the use of dummies in our nursery?

Covid Plan B dropped

21 January 2022

Now that Plan B has been dropped, what Covid-19 restrictions will be in place instead and are people still required to self-isolate?

Staff ratios

20 January 2022

Is there any flexibility to relax the ratio requirements at our nursery as we are struggling with staff absence due to the Omicron variant?