Coronavirus — lay-offs and short-time working

1 June 2022

My business is going through a bad spell as a result of the effect of the coronavirus and Government advice. I doubt if I can now meet the present wage bill and I am reluctant at this stage to make widespread redundancies. Can I put the staff on short-time working until the coronavirus (Covid-19) emergency is over and the financial and economic situation improves? I cannot find anything in the staff contract of employment about this.

Bank holidays — forcing staff to take annual leave

22 April 2022

My staff do not have the entitlement to leave on bank holidays written into their contracts. This year I wish the business to close for a week over a bank holiday period.  How should I go about this?

Wellness and recovery action plans

4 April 2022

An employee has been diagnosed with a mental health illness. It has been suggested that we can develop with the employee a Wellness and Recovery Action Plan to assist them at work. What is this?

Ramadan and holiday entitlement

29 March 2022

A number of my employees are practising Muslims. They have complained that they consider themselves to be forced to take time off over Christmas (because we have a one week shut down) and yet they have to use up their holiday entitlement if they want to take time off over Ramadan, which lasts for a month. They believe this amounts to religious discrimination. What can we do?