Toxic trio

17 January 2020

I have heard in the press about children being affected by the toxic trio. What is this and what can we do to help?

Philosophical belief — veganism

15 January 2020

Is veganism a protected philosophical belief? I have an employee who is very vociferous in their promotion of the vegan ethic and I have heard reports that this may be causing issues in the workplace.

Nursery pet

10 January 2020

We are thinking of getting a pet for our nursery. What do we need to consider beforehand?

Time off for IVF treatment

7 January 2020

An employee has informed me that they are planning to undergo IVF treatment. Do we have to make any special accommodations for them at work?

Advice on screen time

3 January 2020

We have many parents asking for advice on screen time for their children. Is there any guidance?