Ramadan and holiday entitlement

8 April 2021

A number of my employees are practising Muslims. They have complained that they consider themselves to be forced to take time off over Christmas (because we have a one week shut down) and yet they have to use up their holiday entitlement if they want to take time off over Ramadan, which lasts for a month. They believe this amounts to religious discrimination. What can we do?

Learning walks

7 April 2021

What do we mean by ‘learning walks’ in early years provision?

First-aid cover during Covid-19 outbreak

30 March 2021

Does our nursery still need a member of staff with a paediatric first-aid certificate on site or have the rules been relaxed during the coronavirus outbreak?

Disposing of lateral flow tests

30 March 2021

Please can you confirm that it is acceptable to dispose of Covid lateral flow tests in the general waste, if they are used as part of a large-scale workplace testing programme? A friend working in healthcare has told us that these tests are classified as healthcare waste.


30 March 2021

When will Ofsted resume routine early years inspections?

PPE advice

30 March 2021

What is the latest advice on using personal protective equipment (PPE) in early years settings?