Fire doors in nurseries

15 November 2019

We have just moved premises and there are heavy fire doors in the new building. Are there any rules on door safety for nurseries?

Obese children

15 November 2019

We have a number of children attending our service who are obese or overweight. What should we be doing to help all of our children maintain a healthy weight? Also, where can we find data about the incidence of childhood obesity in different parts of the country and what is being done nationally?

The Daily Mile

15 November 2019

Are nursery aged children too young to do the Daily Mile?

Health and safety policy review

12 November 2019

I am reviewing our current health and safety policy — in particular, the written statement on our general policy. Are there principles I can follow to make sure the written statement meets best practice?

Infectious illnesses

8 November 2019

What are the best methods of reducing the risk of spreading infectious illnesses in an early years service?

Blinds safety standards

8 November 2019

I’m worried whether all the blinds in our nursery comply with safety standards. Where can I find the latest safety advice on blind cords?

Retirement — age discrimination?

6 November 2019

I have an employee who is 70 years old, and I feel that it is time for them to go. Can I discuss retirement with them? If I raise the question of retirement, will I leave myself open to a claim of age discrimination?

Retirement — an ageing workforce

6 November 2019

We have an ageing workforce. Can I introduce a mandatory retirement age and introduce some younger blood into the organisation?

Voice care

31 October 2019

One of our early years teachers has developed problems with her voice that she suspects may have something to do with her role. She has had some time off sick and has seen her GP but the problem has not improved. Is it possible that voice loss is an occupational injury and if so how should we handle the issue?