Questions and Answers

When to use safety signage

13 March 2019

At a recent health and safety committee meeting, the question arose as to when we should be using safety signage. Could you outline how we decide when signage is required?

First-aid boxes

8 March 2019

What equipment should we have in our first-aid boxes? Is there a defined list of contents? How many boxes should we provide and where should we place them?

Redundancy — conducting individual consultation meetings

28 February 2019

My company is in a redundancy situation. We are making considerably less money than last year, and the order books this year are not encouraging. I need to slim down the workforce. What should I discuss with those at risk of redundancy in the individual consultation meetings?

Redundancy — considering alternative procedures

28 February 2019

My company needs to shed some staff. I understand that, before embarking on the redundancy procedure, I should consider alternatives. Can you advise me on this?

Redundancy — “bumping”

28 February 2019

What is “bumping” in a redundancy situation?

Government plans to extend the protection owed to women in a redundancy situation

20 February 2019

I understand that the Government is considering extending the protection owed to women in a redundancy situation. Can you tell me more?

Offering “voluntary” redundancy to pregnant employees and those on maternity leave

20 February 2019

We are going through a redundancy situation. Can I ask pregnant staff and those on maternity leave to ”volunteer” for redundancy first?

Contacting an employee during maternity leave

13 February 2019

Is it true that I cannot contact an employee during her period of maternity leave?

Government reforms to zero-hours contracts

6 February 2019

I’ve heard that the Government is introducing reforms to zero-hours contracts. What are the reforms?

Pregnancy, maternity leave and redundancy

6 February 2019

Am I right in thinking that pregnant women and those on maternity leave cannot be made redundant?